How long do King coilovers last?

How long do King coilovers last?

King, Icon, Fox shocks are completely rebuildable. You will never have to replace the shock. You will need new seals and oil for the rebuild but that’s it. You will want to put fresh springs on your coilovers every 3 years or so but that is only if your really beating on your truck.

Are King Shocks any good?

Their high performance shocks can be found on top tier race trucks all over the world. King offers a great variety of OEM fit high performance shocks at a reasonable price. These shocks look great, can be tuned, rebuilt and upgraded to fit your needs.

Are King shocks aluminum?

Highly developed port designs on our 6061 aluminum alloy piston provide the famous King ride quality.

Are icon lifts worth the money?

ICON lift kits are a great addition to the vehicle you like to take off-roading. If you need a smoother ride with fewer bumps, it’s definitely something to consider. ICON offers high-quality items at a high price – while the price might discourage you, you can be certain that you’re getting the best quality.

How long will coilovers last?

Good coilovers that are properly installed and maintained could last a long time – about 150,000 miles or more. Coilovers below this range that are making squeaking or thumping noises could easily be fixed without replacement.

How often do King shocks need maintenance?

A complete shock rebuild is recommended every 1,000 miles for off-road race applications.

Is Icon better than Fox?

Icon is digressive, Fox is progressive. Plus, you have 2.5” shocks on both front and rear with the Icon kit, which is a benefit with these beefy trucks. They’ll run cooler and not overheat as quick as the 2.0 rears on the Fox kit.

Where is King suspension made?

Garden Grove
All parts used in our products are machined in house at our Garden Grove, California facility from billet alloy materials on precision equipment to exacting standards and hand assembled by our trained technicians.

How often do you have to rebuild King shocks?

Does icon make good suspension?

This suspension performed well at high-speeds on/off-road and low-speeds off-road. Off-road, the Icons are obviously much better than stock. If you buy the extended travel kit, you will see an increase in shock travel which is one of the main reasons you buy a kit like this; more shock travel.

Do coilovers need maintenance?

Like taking care of a high mileage car, as long as you regularly care for your coilovers, they will last and maintain their ability to adjust. Before you install your coilovers, we highly recommend that you treat your coilovers liberally with a high-quality anti-seize type lubricant.