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How long do you need at Windjana Gorge?

How long do you need at Windjana Gorge?

The 3.5-kilometre long gorge cuts through the limestone of the Napier Range; part of an ancient barrier reef, which can also be seen at Geikie Gorge and Tunnel Creek National Parks. A short walk of about 500 metres takes you to Bandingan Rock.

What did Windjana Gorge discover?

The area is of great cultural importance to the local Bunuba people, and was the base for Jandamurra, the Bunuba man who led an armed rebellion against European settlers in the 1890s. Time Walk Trail: discover the marine life forms fossilized within the limestone of the Gorge walls.

Why is Windjana Gorge sacred Aboriginal?

Steeped in culture Aboriginal leader Jandamarra used the gorge as a hideout and was shot at Pigeon’s Rock during a gun battle with Europeans in 1894. Bandilngan (Windjana Gorge) is a highly spiritual place to Bunuba people and the Wandjina are the powerful creation spirits that reside here.

Is the road to Windjana Gorge sealed?

The main highlight is the Geikie Gorge National Park, located 20 kms away and accessible by road. The gorge features steep walls where the river has cut through the Geike Range, exposing a fine section of the Devonian Reef. The road is sealed all the way from Fitzroy Crossing.

Can you swim in Windjana Gorge?

Jump in for a swim; while the Kimberley is known for great gorges to swim in, this isn’t one of them and swimming isn’t advised. Anything else: Inaccessible during the wet season, Windjana Gorge is usually open between April – November.

What is Windjana Gorge famous for?

The area is a popular tourist destination and can be easily hiked through in the dry season. The gorge has permanent waterholes and supports a habitat of monsoonal vegetation. Freshwater crocodiles are known to frequent the area….

Windjana Gorge
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Can you swim Windjana Gorge?

What is Windjana gorge famous for?

Do you need a 4WD for Gibb River Road?

A 4WD Vehicle A four-wheel drive is required to tackle the Gibb River Road, but for the majority of the time not for the reasons you’d expect. Tracks can become highly corrugated and testing of a vehicle’s basic faculties along the Gibb River Road, making a true four-wheel drive the logical choice.

How long do you need to do the Gibb River Road?

7-14 days
The Gibb is a 660-kilometre track accessible between April and October, weather dependent. This itinerary is based on visiting the major attractions along the Gibb River Road. Allow 7-14 days to experience all the Gibb has to offer, or choose your “must-see” locations for a shorter trip!

Can I travel the Gibb River Road?

Journey across one of the country’s greatest 4WD adventures through Western Australia’s captivating Kimberley wilderness. The Gibb River Road is just one part of the epic Savannah Way road trip, which travels all the way across the country’s north from Western Australia to Queensland (or vice-versa).

Can you drive the Gibb River Road in a 2WD?

Car hire companies will not allow or insure 2WD vehicles to drive the Gibb River Road, and even with your own vehicle, we would not recommend it. A broken axle is not the way to enjoy your holiday! It can be an expensive exercise to be towed out from the Gibb River Road.

Where is Windjana Gorge National Park in Australia?

Windjana Gorge National Park is located in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia. It is 145 kilometres from Fitzroy Crossing, 146 kilometres from Derby and 38 kilometres north-west of Tunnel Creek; and is accessible by an unsealed road.

How much does it cost to go to Windjana Gorge?

National Park access is $12.00 per vehicle, seating up to 12, or $6.00 with concession, alternatively see our friendly staff for a National Parks Pass to gain access to all of Western Australia’s National Parks. The park has good camping facilities and the Windjana Gorge Campground is suitable for caravans but there are no powered sites.

How tall are the walls of Windjana Gorge?

The walls of Windjana Gorge rise abruptly from the wide alluvial floodplain of the Lennard River, reaching about 100 metres high in some places. General Facilities include carpark, picnic area, camping area, toilets, showers and sheltered Area.

How did Micki Jandamarra get to Tunnel Creek?

With the help of Micki the police managed to track down Jandamarra at Tunnel Creek on April 1, 1897. Jandamarra was killed in the shoot out, and another battle for Aboriginal lands came to an end. They explain the history of the region and of the people buried here. Photo by yaruman5.