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How long does Apple in review take?

How long does Apple in review take?

Review status Review times may vary by app. On average, 50% of apps are reviewed in 24 hours and over 90% are reviewed in 48 hours. If your submission is incomplete, review times may be further delayed or your app may be rejected.

Why is app review taking so long?

Due to adjusted work schedules at this time, you may experience longer than usual review times for your app. Note: For certain developer accounts, we’ll take more time to thoroughly review your app to help better protect users. This may result in review times of up to seven days or longer in exceptional cases.

How do I speed up Apple review?

If you face extenuating circumstances, you can request the review of your app to be expedited. These circumstances include fixing a critical bug in your app on the App Store or releasing your app to coincide with an event you are directly associated with.

How long is Testflight review?

For builds that introduce any major changes, Apple’s beta app review can take up to 48 hours. Internal testers are limited to 25 testers, which can be somewhat restrictive.

Could your store listing unintentionally appeal to children?

‘Not designed for children’ warning appearing on some Play Store listings. Apps must also take steps to make sure listings and screenshots don’t unintentionally appeal to children. However, devs have the option to apply a “Not designed for children” warning label if kids are not part of the target age group for an app.

What expedited review?

[1] An expedited review procedure consists of a review of research involving human subjects by the IRB chairperson or by one or more experienced reviewers designated by the chairperson from among members of the IRB in accordance with the requirements set forth in 45 CFR 46.110.

Does Apple review apps on weekends?

Yes they do – I had a build submitted last Friday and it was approved Saturday morning.

Does Apple approve TestFlight apps?

Before your external testers can test your app, you must submit your app to Apple for review like you would with a regular App Store submission. Once approved, you can send your app to external testers. As soon as App Store Connect completes processing a build, it notifies all internal testers.

Does TestFlight cost money?

While TestFlight is completely free and many third-party services cost money, even with App Store review, for most developers, TestFlight’s convenience over dealing with UDIDs and profiles makes it an easy choice of which testing platform to go with.