How long does Groupon take to process?

How long does Groupon take to process?

If your order is processing or pending: Please allow up to two hours for your order to process. When your order successfully processes, we’ll send an email confirming that your purchase is complete.

Can I refund my Groupon voucher?

Additionally, any unredeemed voucher may be returned to us within the first three days of purchase for a refund of the amount paid. After that three day time period, Groupon will not refund any voucher and all sales are final, unless otherwise stated in the Fine Print.

How do I return a Groupon purchase?

If your Groupon Goods Marketplace item is eligible for return, you’ll need to contact the merchant directly. The merchant will initiate your return and send you a return label when available.

Do you have to wait 24 hours to redeem Groupon?

Once you have completed your purchase, you must wait 24 hours before redeeming your Groupon voucher. To see if your Groupon voucher is “Ready to Redeem” on the Groupon website or mobile app, go to “My Groupons” and select “View Voucher”.

How do I cancel a Groupon voucher?

How to Cancel a Groupon

  1. Open your preferred browser and go to Groupon.
  2. Select Sign In.
  3. Enter your credentials and select Sign In.
  4. Once you are logged in to your account, select My Stuff > My Groupons.
  5. Select View Details.
  6. Select Edit Order on the left side of the page.
  7. Select Cancel Order on the left side of the screen.

What do I do if my Groupon hasn’t arrived?

Customers are advised to contact the shipping carrier to begin an investigation for the lost package. If you order is marked as shipped and a signature confirmation has been made, but you have not received the package, Groupon will check whether the name used on the signature confirmation matches yours.

When do you get a refund on a Groupon order?

After 30 days past delivery, items are non-refundable and all sales are final. Returns must be shipped with a Groupon-provided return label in order for the return and refund to be processed.

Can you return Groupon Goods without a return address?

While return address is important, don’t take Groupon Goods Return Label lightly as, without the label, you may not be able to return the item.

Which is the best Groupon return policy UK?

If you live in the UK, then evaluating Groupon Returns UK is the best policy because you cannot miss that. The Groupon Returns Policy UK will cover all of the essential guidelines that you need to follow. Also, make sure that there are enough labels on the product, says Groupon Returns Label or maybe you don’t need any.

When does a Groupon Promise expire what happens?

According to the Groupon Promise, if a customer uses his or her Groupon before the promotional value expires, takes a Getaways trip, or attends a GrouponLive event and is disappointed by the experience, we will work with the customer—and you, the merchant—to make the situation right.