How long does it take to beat BioShock Infinite burial at sea?

How long does it take to beat BioShock Infinite burial at sea?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 370 2h 12m
Main + Extras 253 2h 50m
Completionists 67 3h 41m
All PlayStyles 690 2h 35m

Should I play BioShock Infinite before Burial at Sea?

No matter how how you may have viewed it back then, Burial at Sea is a story arc that you absolutely should play while working through BioShock: The Collection. The expansion takes place after the events of BioShock Infinite and in an alternate reality.

Is Burial at Sea related to Infinite?

BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea is a two-part single-player expansion to the first-person shooter video game BioShock Infinite. Burial at Sea is set after the events of Infinite, which spanned several alternate realities.

Does BioShock Infinite burial at sea have multiple endings?

1 Answer. Burial at Sea is a linear story, unfortunately. While stealthily taking down opponents is useful for the ’98 mode achievement, it has no impact on the ending. Part 2 has just one ending, though it would be great to have seen some different resolutions.

Are there alternate endings to BioShock Infinite?

There are no lasting differences in the game’s ending because the story is destined to end the same way regardless. One player will progress through the game in broadly the same way as another and the end result will always be the same.

What happened in BioShock Infinite?

In BioShock Infinite, we’re given two main universes. One in which DeWitt accepts his baptism and eventually becomes Comstock, thus leading to the creation of Columbia. The second is where DeWitt refuses the baptism, thus creating the man you play as throughout the game.

How hard is Burial at Sea?

Mechanically, it’s still Infinite. Areas can be explored in order to discover secrets, in the form of recordings and upgrades. The difficulty, however, is increased: ammo and health are far less common in Burial at Sea, quickly running low on Hard difficulty (the original expected default).

Can you beat BioShock Infinite without killing?

The auteur also noted that the DLC will feature a special “1998” difficulty setting inspired by the sly and seminal Thief series, which will require you to complete the game without killing a single enemy.

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