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How many A319 does BA have?

How many A319 does BA have?

Airbus A319-100

Number in fleet 35
Passenger capacity Up to 144
Length 33.8m (111 feet)
Wingspan 34.1m (111 feet 11 inches)
Height 11.8m (38 feet 7 inches)

What are the best seats on British Airways business class?

The best seats are 60D, 60E, 60F and 61A, 61B, 61J and 61K. These are in the first row of the World Traveller Plus cabin and have the most legroom as there is nobody sitting in front of you. There are also no lavatories or galleys between the Club World and World Traveller Plus cabin to be concerned about.

What is the difference between A319 and A320?

The 124-156 seats A319 is 33.8 m (111 ft) long. The A320 is 37.6 m (123 ft) long and can accommodate 150 to 186 passengers. The 44.5 m (146 ft) A321 offers 185 to 230 seats. In October 2019, the A320 family surpassed the Boeing 737 to become the highest-selling airliner.

Who has the most A319?

American Airlines
As of August 2019, American Airlines was the largest operator of the Airbus A319, operating 131 aircraft.

How old are British Airways planes?

British Airways fleet details

Aircraft Number Age
Airbus A350 8 1.4 years
Boeing 777 57 17.1 years
Boeing 787 32 5.2 years
TOTAL 237 13 years

How fast does an A319 fly?

871 km/h
Airbus A319/Top speed

What engine is on the A319?

Airbus A319/Engine types

How many seats does British Airways use on short haul flights?

This British Airways Airbus A319 is primarily operated on short-haul Domestic routes. This A319 features a one class configuration with 143 standard UK Domestic seats.

How many versions of British Airways A319 are there?

There are 4 versions of this aircraft. Do you know this plane? Have a photo of this plane? British Airways offers a variety of complimentary food and beverages, based on the time of day and departure location. Click here for more information about food offered onboard.

How many seats are in club Europe on British Airways?

This A319 features a two class configuration with between 12-40 Club Europe seats and 83-125 Euro Traveller seats. The Club Europe seats are standard Euro Traveller seats with the middle seat blocked off. This plane has a movable divider between the Club Europe and Euro Traveller sections, so many configurations are possible.

Which is seat 1 F on British Airways?

Seat 1 F is a standard Euro Traveller seat that has been converted to a Club Europe seat by blocking out the middle seat. The proximity to the lavatory and galley may be bothersome.The tray tables are in the armrests, making them immovable and slightly reducing seat width.