How many calories are in a large tater tots from Sonic?

How many calories are in a large tater tots from Sonic?

360 Cal. Crispy tots fried to a golden brown and lightly seasoned with salt.

What is a serving size of tater tots?

Serving Size: ½ cup (2.52 oz.)

How many calories are in cheese tater tots?

Region: US

Serving Ingredient Calories
12.61 tater tot 230
25.22 g cheddar cheese 102

What’s in Sonic tater tots?

Sonic Extreme Tots are tater tots that are loaded with chili, cheese, jalapenos slices, and so much more.

Are tater tots at Sonic gluten free?

Whew, the tater tots are free from gluten.

How many calories are in baked tater tots?

I bake them in the oven until they’re golden brown and, well, downright amazing. And get this, you can enjoy more tot for less, since you get almost 4 ounces for just 74 calories (and ZERO fat).

How long should I put tater tots in the air fryer?

Let’s Make Air Fryer Tots in the Air Fryer

  1. Prepare: Place frozen tater tots in the basket of your air fryer. Sprinkle with seasoning salt. Spray with olive oil.
  2. Air Fry: Cook at 400 degrees for 10 minutes, then open the basket and shake the tots. Continue to cook for 5-8 minutes or until crisp.

Are tater tots bad for you?

Just one small serving (3 ounces) of some popular potato products — such as criss-cut French fries, tater tots, or curly fries — contain 8 to11 grams of total fat, around 3 grams of saturated fat, 390 to 540 milligrams of sodium, and about 160 to 190 calories.

Are Sonics tater tots vegan?

Tater tots are one of the best Vegan options in Sonic. Tots do not contain any dairy products and are purely vegan. Note: Sonic prepares their tarter tots in the same fryer they fry meat and by-products. You can avoid it, in case you’re bothered about cross-contamination.

What is the Dr Pepper Sonic games?

The restaurant is one of 12 SONIC locations across the nation competing in the 2021 Dr Pepper SONIC Games. During the SONIC Games, drive-ins around the country are awarded points based on a variety of team challenges, including digital training modules, quizzes, learning activities and secret shopper events.

What is GF at Sonic?

Sonic has a decent number of gluten-free offerings. Because their fries and tater tots are cooked in the same oil as breaded products, these won’t work, but their grilled foods are considered to be gluten-free, including: hamburgers (no buns)

What does Sonic cook their fries in?

All Sonic locations cook their fries in vegetable oil, making them suitable for vegans. Some Sonic locations may cook their fries in the same oil as meat and dairy products.

How many calories are in Sonic tater tots?

Sonic’s Tater Tots contain between 250 and 960 calories per serving, depending on the kind of tots and size you order.

How fattening are tater tots?

Each 10-piece serving of tater tots provides 7.2 grams of fat, including 1.5 grams of saturated fat. Should you eat a larger 1-cup serving, you’ll be consuming 11 grams of fat, including 2.3 grams of saturated fat. Foods that are high in energy density are less filling than those that are lower in energy density.

Is Sonic healthy?

Eating Healthy at Sonic. Sonic might be an old-fashioned drive-in restaurant, but its portions are decidedly modern–large! It’s a good thing that the servers are on skates–it’ll help them burn off the calories. Resist oversize burgers, fried side dishes and the fruit-flavored drinks.

How many calories in tater tots?

There are 18 calories in 1 piece of Tater Tots. Calorie breakdown: 53% fat, 42% carbs, 4% protein.