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How many inches of snow did Denver get?

How many inches of snow did Denver get?

80.2 inches
Denver officially recorded 80.2 inches of snow, close to 2-feet above normal, which landed the city in one of the top 20 snowiest winters on record.

Is Colorado supposed to have a bad winter?

Winter will be milder than normal, with the coldest periods in mid-November, early to mid- and late December, late January, and late February. Precipitation will be above normal in the north and slightly below normal in the south.

What is a livable salary in Colorado?

Living Wage Calculation for Denver County, Colorado

0 Children 2 Children
Living Wage $17.40 $24.81
Poverty Wage $6.13 $6.30
Minimum Wage $12.00 $12.00

How much snow did Thornton get today?


Today: 0.00 in
0 snow day in all 2021.
Outside Now
Air Density: 1.19 kg/m3
Cloud Height: 9042 ft

Is 80000 a good salary in Denver?

You need to make more than $80,000 a year to afford the median Denver-area home. An individual or household needs to make at least $81,349.82 a year in order to afford the median home in the Denver metro area, according to the report from, a mortgage research site.

Will it be a snowy winter 2022?

Winter 2022 Will Bring Temperature Swings and Lots of Storms, Farmers’ Almanac Predicts. It’s going to be a “frost flip-flop” winter. The east coast should expect some intense stormy weather, which will bring rain, snow, sleet, and ice.

What’s the weather like tomorrow in Thornton?

Maximum daytime temperature: 17 degrees Celsius; Minimum nighttime temperature: 13 degrees Celsius. Cloudy changing to sunny intervals by late morning. Sunrise: 06:39; Sunset: 19:37. UV: Moderate; Pollution: Low; No pollen data.

What salary do you need to live comfortably in Denver?

You need to earn about $62,928 per year, or $30.25 per hour to comfortably rent a median one-bedroom apartment in Denver. This factors in the idea you will still want some money to splurge and save and not spend it all on rent. You should also consider the living wage when calculating the cost of living in Denver.

What is a good salary for a single person in Denver?

If you’re moving to Denver, you want to be sure that your salary will enable you to maintain a decent standard of living. According to MIT’s living wage calculator, a living hourly wage for one adult with no children in Denver County is $13.87.

How much snow has fallen in Denver Colorado?

COLORADO, USA — This weekend’s winter storm was the fourth largest ever in Denver since 1881, dropping more than 2 feet of snow at Denver International Airport (DIA), and more along other parts of the Front Range. Here are some of the snow totals over the past 36 hours as of 4:30 a.m. Monday, according to the National Weather Service:

When was the last snow storm in Colorado?

More than 2 feet of snow had fallen in the Red Feather Lakes area by Sunday morning on March 14, 2021. DENVER – The snowstorm arrived in earnest Saturday evening in Colorado and after heavy snow throughout Sunday, the storm has moved out of the state, leaving feet of snow in many areas.

Is there snow on the Front Range in Colorado?

A winter storm brought heavy snowfall at times along the Front Range. Colorado will work to dig out on Monday. This video file cannot be played. (Error Code: 102630)