How many inches of snow did St Louis get in 1982?

How many inches of snow did St Louis get in 1982?

14 inches
The nearly 14 inches of snow that fell the night of January 30, 1982, was the third-heaviest snowfall ever recorded in St. Louis, beaten only by 20.4 inches on March 30-31, 1890, and 15.5 inches on Feb. 20, 1912. Hundreds of motorists abandoned vehicles on highways and streets.

When was the big snow in 1982?

There was heavy snow across Ireland in January 1982 resulting in traffic chaos, fuel and food shortages, and the closure of schools and workplaces. However, it wasn’t all doom and gloom as many took the opportunity to enjoy the snow in their time off work and school.

Was there snow in 1982?

The winter of 1981–1982 in the United Kingdom (also called The Big Snow of 1982 by the press) was a severe cold wave that was formed in early December 1981 and lasted until mid-late January in 1982, and was one of the coldest Decembers recorded in the United Kingdom.

Does Cardiff ever snow?

Cardiff, for example, gets nearly twice as much snow as Swansea, on average. The city also escaped the wrath of the weather phenomenon known as the Beast from the East back in March, when much of Wales saw several feet of snow. You can see the best pictures taken during that snowfall here.

What is the largest amount of snow ever recorded?

The heaviest snowfall ever recorded in a 24-hour period in the U.S. occurred on April 14 and 15, 1921 in Silver Lake, Colorado. During this single day, 6.3 feet of snow fell onto the ground according to

Has it snowed in St. Louis in May?

The last time a May snowstorm of this magnitude impacted Missouri was on May 2, 1929, when 3-6 inches of snow blanketed portions of the Ozarks, northeastward to St. Louis. Another historic snow event occurred on May 3, 1907 when portions of north central and northwestern Missouri reported several inches of snow.

Did it ever snow in May in Ireland?

Few places in the north of Ireland escape showers of snow sleet and hail. Overnight showers of snow, hail or sleet affected most parts of the north of Ireland and the bad weather continued with visibility poor at times. In 1993 snow fell as late as the month of May.

When was the last big snow in Ireland?

The Big Snow of 1947 – Ireland’s Own. 1947 was the year of the Big Snow, the coldest and harshest winter in living memory when hundreds of Irish lives were lost. Turtle Bunbury recalls how the country was pounded by the most powerful blizzard of the 20th century. Glancing out his bedroom window in Ballymote, Co.

Does Wales have a lot of snow?

Snow is rare on the coasts, while it becomes more frequent in the inland hills. It snows on average for about 10 days a year in Swansea, on the southern coast, for 25 days in the inland hills, and for more than 40 days in Snowdonia.

Where is the most snow in Wales?

snowiest places in wales

  • Mount Snowdon. This may seem like an obvious choice given the name, but Mount Snowdon in Snowdonia National Park certainly is one of the snowiest places to visit in the whole of Wales.
  • Denbighshire.
  • Pembrokeshire.
  • Brecon Beacons.