How many justices are on the NH Supreme Court?

How many justices are on the NH Supreme Court?

The Members of the Court The Supreme Court of New Hampshire consists of the Chief Justice and four Associate Justices. Members of the Supreme Court are nominated by the Governor and confirmed by the Executive Council to lifetime terms or until age seventy.

Where is the NH Supreme Court?

The New Hampshire Supreme Court, composed of the Chief Justice and four associate justices, sits in Concord and is the state’s only appellate court.

What is the highest court in NH?

The Supreme Court is seated in the state capital, Concord….

New Hampshire Supreme Court
Judge term length until age 70
Number of positions 5
Website Official website
Chief Justice

How do I find court records in NH?

You can obtain a PACER login on-line or by calling (800) 676-6856. If you have a PACER account, you may login to the court’s electronic case files. You may also view the court’s electronic case files free of charge at the public terminals in the clerk’s office.

Who has the power to appoint and approve the next judge to be on the New Hampshire Supreme Court?

In New Hampshire, state supreme court justices are selected through direct gubernatorial appointment. Justices are appointed directly by the governor without the use of a nominating commission. As of August 31, 2021, there are five states that use this selection method.

What is the highest state court called?

Supreme Court
Court Structure The Constitution and laws of each state establish the state courts. A court of last resort, often known as a Supreme Court, is usually the highest court. Some states also have an intermediate Court of Appeals.

Who are the New Hampshire Senators?

Maggie HassanSince 2017
Jeanne Shaheen (Democratic Party)
New Hampshire/Senators
The state’s current senators are Democrats Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan. Senator Shaheen is currently serving her third term (since 2009); Senator Hassan is currently serving her first term (since 2017). Jacob Harold Gallinger was New Hampshire’s longest-serving senator (1891–1918).

What are the five courts in NH?

The New Hampshire Judicial Branch includes the Supreme Court, the Superior Court, the Circuit Court Probate Division, the Circuit Court District Division and the Circuit Court Family Division.

Are criminal records public in New Hampshire?

Are criminal records available to the public in New Hampshire? Anyone is able to view and inspect criminal records in New Hampshire and in all of America. This is due to the New Hampshire Right to Know law, which states that governmental information concerning citizens should be publicly available.

Are divorce records public in NH?

Divorce records are considered private and confidential, with access limited to those individuals who have a “direct and tangible” interest in the record. The only exception is divorce records more than 50 years old which are considered public and are open to the public.

What happens when a judge does not follow the law?

Case Law also states that when a judge acts as a trespasser of the law, when a judge does not follow the law, he then loses subject matter jurisdiction and the Judges orders are void, of no legal force or affect.

What kinds of cases do New Hampshire’s community courts hear?

The District Courts, located in 32 cities and towns across the state, are truly New Hampshire’s “community courts.” Cases within the jurisdiction of the district court involve families, juveniles, small claims, landlord tenant matters, minor crimes and violations and civil cases in which the disputed amount does not …