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How many languages can Smriti Irani speak?

How many languages can Smriti Irani speak?

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What is the role of Smriti Irani?

Member of the Lok Sabha since 2019
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Is Smriti Irani married?

Zubin Iranim. 2001
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Who is the father of Smriti Irani?

Shri Ajay Kumar Malhotra
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What caste is Irani?

Iranis are generally seen as a subset of the wider Parsi community. As is also the case for the Parsis, the Iranis predominantly settled the west-coast of India, in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. A concentration of their people live in and around the city of Mumbai.

Who holds the record of youngest cabinet minister in government of India?

Distinctions and records In 1977, she became the youngest ever Cabinet Minister in the Government of Haryana at 25 years of age. In 1979, she became State President of Janata Party, Haryana State at the young age of 27. Sushma Swaraj was the first female Spokesperson of a national political party in India.

What does Smriti mean?

Smriti (Sanskrit: स्मृति, IAST: Smṛti), literally “that which is remembered” are a body of Hindu texts usually attributed to an author, traditionally written down, in contrast to Śrutis (the Vedic literature) considered authorless, that were transmitted verbally across the generations and fixed.

Who is our cloth minister?

Shri Piyush Goyal
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Name पद Ext.
Shri Piyush Goyal Minister of Textiles 111
Smt. Darshana Vikram Jardosh Minister of State for Textiles 400
Shri Upendra Prasad Singh Secretary 203
Vijoy Kumar Singh Additional Secretary 259

How old is Zubin?

45 years (March 23, 1976)
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What is the religion of Boman Irani?

Irani was born on 2 December 1959, in Bombay (now Mumbai) to an Irani Zoroastrian family.

What is Irani caste?

The Irani (Persian: ایرانی‎; meaning Iranian) are an ethno-religious community in the Indian subcontinent; they belong to the Zoroastrians who emigrated from Iran to British India in the 19th and 20th centuries.