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How many locations does Scooters coffee have?

How many locations does Scooters coffee have?

400 locations
Approaching 400 locations in the U.S., Scooter’s Coffee provides customers with responsibly sourced coffee served up by an amazing team of people, all from a convenient 630 square foot drive-thru kiosk. Find out more about how to become a franchise owner with one of the fastest growing brands in the US.

How much do scooters pay Nebraska?

Scooter’s Coffee Salary FAQs The average Scooter’s Coffee hourly pay ranges from approximately $10 per hour for a Barista Scooters to $19 per hour for a Store Manager.

Who owns Scooters coffee in Omaha?

Don Eckles
Don Eckles, along with his wife, Linda, founded Scooter’s Coffee in 1998 in Bellevue, Nebraska.

Who is Scooter’s coffee owned by?

Travis Rhoades
Grounded in Family: Scooter’s Coffee Franchise Owner Travis Rhoades. Successful Entrepreneur.

Does scooters have a secret menu?

Scooters Secret Menu is a collection of creations by Scooters Baristas, Customers and Coffee Connoisseurs alike!

How much does it cost to open a Scooters coffee?

Scooter’s Coffee Franchise Costs & Fees

Name of Fee Low High
Initial Franchise Fee $40,000 $40,000
Initial Grand Opening Support and Marketing Fee $10,000 $10,000
Free Standing Building and Leasehold Improvements (not including the purchase of land) $146,500 $679,900
Architectural and Engineering Fees $9,000 $30,900

Is Scooter’s coffee only in Nebraska?

About Scooter’s Coffee Founded in 1998 by Don and Linda Eckles in Bellevue, Nebraska, Scooter’s Coffee roasts only the finest coffee beans in the world at its headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska.

Is Starbucks more expensive than scooters?

Scooter’s and Starbucks are two large companies in the coffee industry. Starbucks is a bit more expensive than Scooters though because it is a more popular chain worldwide.

Do scooters substitute milk?

We offer three dairy-free milk substitutions at this time: almond, coconut, oat and soy (availability varies). When ordering, you can make many drinks dairy-free by requesting one of our dairy-free milk alternatives, as long as the drink does not contain a sauce (caramel, mocha, white mocha, pumpkin) or whipped cream.

Is Scooter’s coffee a good investment?

Potential profit from a Scooter’s Coffee franchise is well above the average for the industry. A Scooter’s Coffee franchise owner salary may rise up to around $320,000 a year, before depreciation, interest, taxes, and any debt service. The median earnings for a top-performing shop are around $184,000.