How many people have asthma in Indiana?

How many people have asthma in Indiana?

State or Territory Adult Current Asthma1 Prevalence by State or Territory (2019)

State or Territory Number with Current Asthma Percent with Current Asthma (SE)
Hawaii 106,413 9.6 (0.47)
Idaho 131,709 10.0 (0.62)
Illinois 808,461 8.2 (0.44)
Indiana 499,841 9.8 (0.40)

What state has the highest asthma rate?

In 2019, Vermont reported the highest asthma lifetime prevalence among adults in the United States at 17.6 percent. This statistic represents the U.S. states with the highest self-reported lifetime prevalence of asthma among adults as of 2019.

What state has the least asthma?

Texas had the lowest prevalence of current asthma among adults in the United States with a total of just over seven percent.

How many children in Indiana have asthma?

Child lifetime asthma prevalence was 12.9% and child current asthma prevalence was 8.6% compared with the 38 participating states’ rates of 13.3% and 9.0%, respectively2.

Where is asthma most common in the world?

The five countries with the highest prevalence of clinical asthma were Australia (21.5%), Sweden (20.2%), UK (18.2%), Netherlands (15.3%), and Brazil (13.0%). Finally, using the least stringent definition, the global prevalence of wheezing was estimated to be 8.6% (95% CI: 8.5; 8.7).

What race has the most asthma?

Among racial groups, persons of multiple race had the highest asthma prevalence (14.1%), while Asian persons had the lowest rates (5.2%). Persons of black (11.2%) and American Indian or Alaska Native (9.4%) races had higher asthma prevalence compared with white persons (7.7%).

What’s the best climate for asthma?

According to a small study in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine , a room temperature of 68 to 71°F (20 to 21.6°C) is ideal for people with asthma. This temperature isn’t too hot or cold, so it won’t irritate the airways.

What is the best place to live if you have asthma?

The American Lung Association (ALA) ranked Cheyenne, Wyoming, Farmington, New Mexico, and Casper, Wyoming, as the three cleanest cities for levels of particle pollution. If you find that air pollution is a major trigger for your asthma, you might find that your symptoms improve in a city with a high clean air ranking.

What city has the highest rate of childhood asthma?

This statistic represents the U.S. states with the highest current prevalence of asthma among children as of 2019. The highest current prevalence of asthma among children was reported in Washington DC where 11.7 percent of all children were estimated to currently suffer from asthma.

What country has the lowest rate of asthma?

According to the WHO mortality database, South Africa had the highest age-standardized asthma mortality among the low and middle-income countries, while Netherlands had the lowest among the high-income countries [3, 35] (Figure 2).

Why is asthma more common in females?

Women are twice as likely as men to have asthma, and this gender difference may be caused by the effects of sex hormones on lung cells. Researchers have found that testosterone hindered an immune cell linked to asthma symptoms, such as inflammation and mucus production in the lungs.