How many seasons did Patrick Mahomes play in NFL?

How many seasons did Patrick Mahomes play in NFL?

Mahomes spent his rookie season as the backup to Alex Smith. Mahomes was named the starter in 2018 after the Chiefs traded Smith to the Washington Redskins. That season, Mahomes threw for 5,097 yards, 50 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions….Regular season.

Year 2018
Passing Pct 66.0
Yds 5,097
Avg 8.8
TD 50

When did Mahomes start in the NFL?

2017Kansas City Chiefs
2014Texas Tech Red Raiders football
Patrick Mahomes II/Dates joined

Mahomes was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs as the 10th overall first-round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, and made his professional football debut and first start against the Denver Broncos in December of the same year.

Is this Mahomes first Super Bowl?

The game ended 31-20 for the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes had his first Super Bowl win at the age of just 24, as well as claiming his first MVP.

What is Patrick Mahomes record as a starter?

a 44-9 record
In his 53 games as a starter, Mahomes holds a 44-9 record in the regular and post-season.

Who is the best QB in the NFL?

PFF Quarterback Rankings: All 32 starters ahead of the 2021 NFL season

  1. Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs.
  2. Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  3. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers.
  4. Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks.
  5. Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans.
  6. Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills.
  7. Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys.

Was Mahomes in a Super Bowl?

Patrick Mahomes has lost one Super Bowl to a team quarterbacked by the GOAT. If Mahomes’ single loss is legacy-scarring three seasons into his career as a starter, then no amount of rings should be able to heal the Foles-sized gaping wound in Brady’s legacy.

Who’s the youngest quarterback to win a Super Bowl?

quarterback Ben Roethlisberger
Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger holds the record as the youngest player in NFL history to win a Super Bowl after his 2005 victory as a 23-year-old.

Who is the youngest NFL quarterback?

The youngest quarterback to start and win a Super Bowl is Ben Roethlisberger, who was 23 in Super Bowl 40 when the Steelers defeated the Seahawks, 21-10.

Who is better Mahomes or Brady?

Brady is the all-time NFL leader with 581 TD passes. He ranks second in career passing yards (79,204). He also has a 97.3 career passer rating, which ranks seventh all time. Mahomes has the highest all-time passer rating in NFL history at 108.7.

How many games did Patrick Mahomes play in baseball?

Mahomes only appeared in three games as a baseball player recording no hits in two at bats, while as a pitcher he allowed three runs. Prior to the start of the 2016 season, Mahomes announced that he was leaving baseball to focus on football.

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Who are the players in Patrick Mahomes away jersey?

Patrick Mahomes II (away jersey), Pop! Lamar Jackson of the Ravens, Pop! A. J. Green from the Bengals, Pop! DeAndre Hopkins from the Texans, Pop! Jaylon Smith from the Cowboys, Pop! Khalil Mack from the Bears, Pop! Adam Thielen from the Vikings, Pop! Christian McCaffrey from the Panthers, Pop! Michael Thomas from the Saints, Pop!

How many touchdowns did Patrick Mahomes throw against Baylor?

Against Baylor, he threw for a Big 12 freshman record 598 yards with six touchdowns and one interception. For the season, he passed for 1,547 yards and 16 touchdowns with four interceptions. Mahomes split time with the Texas Tech baseball team, where he was a relief pitcher.