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How many times can you use TePe interdental brushes?

How many times can you use TePe interdental brushes?

Interdental brushes are just like regular toothbrushes in that they can be reused every time you clean your teeth until the brush wears out. Just remember to keep an eye on the state of the brush overall, and replace it when it becomes worn.

When should I change my TePe brush?

We recommend you change the brush every week or when the bristles become worn or wires become buckled or distorted. Undue force and bending at severe angles will lead to damage of the wire. TePe’s wide selection of interdental brushes offers an option for every need.

Should I use TePe brushes before or after brushing?

The research, published in the Journal of Periodontology, also found that cleaning interdentally before brushing is better for our teeth because more fluoride is likely to remain in your mouth afterwards.

What size is TePe orange?

0.45 mm
TePe Interdental Brushes Orange Original – 0.45 mm.

Should you use toothpaste on interdental brushes?

For best result, it is important to choose an interdental brush of the right size. Use your interdental brush once a day, preferably in the evening and in front of the mirror. Move the brush gently back and forth a few times in each interdental space. Don’t use regular toothpaste, since it contains abrasives.

Can interdental brushes damage teeth?

The bristles on the brush need to be soft so that they don’t damage your teeth and don’t irritate your gums.

Should you use toothpaste with interdental brushes?

What is the smallest TePe brush?

TePe Pink
TePe Pink is the smallest TePe interdental brush. It is usually used for tiny anterior spaces or endodontic canal scrubbing. The wire is 0.4 mm and the diameter of the brush with tiny bristles is 0.6 mm. The neck of the brush is made of a soft plastic that allows you to bend it.

Do interdental brushes cause black triangles?

Interdental brushes are often touted as an alternative to flossing but they have a downside cautions Dr Zybutz: ‘They tend to flatten the little “peaks” of gum between the teeth and create tiny black triangles that look unsightly, especially between your front teeth. ‘

Should gums bleed when using interdental brushes?

When you first start using interdental brushes, your gums may be tender and bleed a little as you start to get rid of any plaque build-up. Carry on using the brushes, and the bleeding should reduce as your gums become healthier. If you’re still getting bleeding after a few days, get advice from your dentist.

Can I use interdental brush after eating?

Interdental brushes are a supplement to the daily oral care regimen and should not replace tools already used regularly, like toothbrushes. Using interdental brushes after meals or when brushing your teeth in the evening, you can prevent caries and gum inflammations.

Why do you need a Tepe interdental brush?

An assortment of TePe Interdental Brushes Original, designed to clean narrow to wider gaps between the teeth, where a regular toothbrush is unable to reach. Use daily to keep gums and teeth healthy and fresh. TePe Interdental Brushes Original Mixed pack contains different color coded sizes.

What kind of brush is Tepe compact tuft?

TePe Compact Tuft™ is an angled brush with a small, dome-shaped tuft with tightly packed short bristles that give a firm feel. The stable handle and dense, firm tuft make this brush ideal for precise cleaning of hard-to-reach areas.

Can you use an interdental brush with a brace?

BootsBoots Expert Interdental Brush – MixedThree sizes to clean the different sized spaces between your teethSuitable for use with a brace or bridgeTo maintain healthy teeth and gums, it is important to keep your teeth as clean as possible. When using a regular tooth toothbrush, it can in between teeth, especially if you have a brace or bridge.

What does Tepe EasyPick do for your teeth?

Daily use keeps gum and teeth healthy and fresh. TePe EasyPick™ is an easy and efficient way to clean between the teeth. The unique combination of the materials makes it flexible, durable and comfortable to use. TePe EasyPick™ is developed in close collaboration with dental experts.