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How many type of forests are found in Odisha?

How many type of forests are found in Odisha?

four forest types
There are four forest types namely Tropical Semi Evergreen, Tropical Moist Deciduous, Tropical Dry Deciduous, and Littoral and Swamp Forests.

What are the 7 types of forests?

Top 7 Types of Forests Found in India

  • Forest Type # 1. Evergreen Forests:
  • Forest Type # 2. Dry Deciduous Forests:
  • Forest Type # 3. Humid Deciduous Forests:
  • Forest Type # 4. Scrub and Thorn Forests:
  • Forest Type # 5. Desert Vegetation:
  • Forest Type # 6. Himalayan Vegetation:
  • Forest Type # 7. Tidal or Mangrove Forests:

How many forests are there in Maharashtra?

Recorded Forest Area (RFA) in the State is 61,579 sq km of which 49,546 sq Km is Reserved Forests, 6,733 sq km is Protected Forest and 5,300 sq km is Unclassed Forests.

Which is the biggest forest in Odisha?

District wise, Kandhamal has the highest forest cover of 5,397 sq km which is 65 per cent of its total geographical area. Boudh and Deogarh also have forest cover which more than 50 per cent of their total geographical area.

What are the major types of forest?

What are the different types of forests found in India?

  • Tropical Deciduous Forests. These trees have broadleafs.
  • Tropical Rain Forests. These are also called equatorial rainforests.
  • Montane Forests. This type of forest is found in mountain or hilly areas.
  • Tropical Thorn forests.
  • Swamp Forests.

How are forests classified?

The forest cover is broadly classified in 4 classes, namely very dense forest, moderately dense forest, open forest and mangrove. The classification of the cover into dense and open forests is based on internationally adopted norms of classification.

Who is the father of forest?

Brandis is considered the father of tropical forestry and has also been described as the father of scientific forestry….Dietrich Brandis.

Sir Dietrich Brandis KCIE, FRS
Born 31 March 1824 Bonn
Died 29 May 1907 (aged 83) Bonn
Nationality German
Occupation botanist, forestry academic, civil servant

Which state of India has 90% area under the forest?

Among states, Mizoram has the highest forest cover of 85.41%.

Which is the rarest type of forest?

A cloud forest is a tropical forest with a high elevation that makes for a misty environment — it’s one of Earth’s rarest habitats. This mesmerizing, 26,000-acre forest is home to several thousand species of plants and animals, including 500 bird species alone.

Which is India’s largest forest?

Madhya Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh has the largest forest cover in India. Above is the protected forest in Van Vihar National Park. Chhatthisgarh and Odisha are other major forest covered states of India. Above elephants in Chandaka forest, Odisha.

What is Odisha famous food?

10 Famous Dishes of Odisha for the Foodie in You

  • Pakhala Bhata. A lunch staple for almost every household in the state of Odisha, Pakhala Bhata offers a delectable respite from the summer heat.
  • Gupchup.
  • Chhena Poda.
  • Pilaf.
  • Santula.
  • Rasabali.
  • Pitha.
  • Chaula Bara.