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How much are decoys worth?

How much are decoys worth?

“The reason valuable decoys are so valuable is because 90 percent of them were repainted or had their heads broken off, so the ones that are left in good condition are the best ones and go for high prices.” According to Guyette, most of the decoys he sees in appraisals are worth about $100.

How many decoys are in a spread?

On smaller, confined waters, a spread of six to 36 decoys should be sufficient. On larger waters or dry fields, hunters should put out as many decoys as practical. I never heard of anybody scaring ducks or geese away because they used too many decoys. Typically, the more, the merrier.

How many decoys are on a long line?

If you’re running 150 yards of long line, you’ll use about 12 to 14 decoys, depending upon how deep the water is and whether you’re running one or two anchors.

What happened to Carry Lite decoys?

Just confirmed that the US division of Carrylite Decoy Company that was at one time #1 in the USA has closed it’s doors because of very poor management. Hope somebody buys them and puts them back to becoming a major player again.

What is the most valuable duck decoy?

In 2007 Christie’s sold the world’s most expensive duck decoy, modelled on a red-breasted merganser hen, for $856,000.

Which duck decoys are worth money?

11 Most Expensive Duck Decoys Ever Sold

  • 1 1. The Crowell Bundle.
  • 2 2. Red-Breasted Merganser Hen Carving, by Lothrop Holmes.
  • 3 3. The Eider Drake Decoy on Monhegan Island.
  • 4 4. Unattributed Slot Neck Canada Goose Decoy.
  • 5 5. The Wilson Merganser Drake Duck Decoy.
  • 6 6. The Lincoln Hisser.
  • 7 7. Graves Mallards.
  • 8 8.

Is 2 dozen decoys enough?

Others simply don’t have the time or inclination to transport, deploy, and pick up a large spread every time they hunt. The truth is, in many situations a small spread will work just as well as a big one. A waterfowler with two dozen decoys and a healthy dose of hunting savvy can still enjoy quality gunning.

How many decoys do you need for teal?

There’s usually no need for a huge spread of decoys during the early teal season. While Haydel has hunted over as few as three decoys and as many as 10 dozen, he says a dozen is generally about right.

Who makes Carry Lite Decoys?

Pulp Reproduction Company
The Division Pulp Reproduction Company of Milwaukee began manufacturing and selling Carry-Lite decoys in 1939. Carry-Lite was the first paper mache decoy operation to gain notable success, but they were not the first paper mache decoy factory.

What is the most expensive duck breed?

Meet Britain’s most expensive duck – a drake that has sold at auction for a record-breaking £1,500. Shropshire poultry breeder Graham Hicks decided to put his favourite prize-winning bird, a three-year-old Muscovy drake nicknamed Big Dave, up for auction with the rest of his flock when he retired.

Where can I find old decoys in original condition?

On you will find one of the largest selections of guaranteed quality antique decoys and vintage sporting collectable’s in original condition available anywhere, including on the internet. New updates coming as time permits! Super nice drake Red-Breasted Merganser decoy by Eugene Hendrickson (1896-1971), Northfield, NJ.

Where can I find old duck and Swan decoys?

On you will find one of the largest selections of guaranteed quality old antique duck, goose, brant, swan, shorebird, and fish decoys, in original condition available on the web.

When is the next decoy and sporting Collectible Show?


When is the next coot decoy club meeting?

The next regular club meeting is scheduled for July 13th, 2021. The theme bird for our June meeting is any Coot decoys and any decoy by one of the Talbot or Caroline County makers, should be interesting. It is great to get together again as a group.