How much do curriculum specialists make?

How much do curriculum specialists make?

What Is The Average Curriculum Specialist Salary? The average curriculum specialist salary is $52,526 per year, or $25.25 per hour, in the United States. People on the lower end of that spectrum, the bottom 10% to be exact, make roughly $36,000 a year, while the top 10% makes $75,000.

What degree do you need to be a curriculum specialist?

Curriculum specialists usually need to earn a master’s degree, get a teacher or administrator certificate, and have experience as a teacher. Degrees: Most employers require curriculum specialists to have a master’s degree, preferably in education or curriculum and instruction.

What does a curriculum specialist do?

Curriculum specialists provide support to teachers by helping create and revise materials used in the classroom. Their job typically involves research and requires them to find appropriate textbooks and curricula in order to improve the learning outcomes of the school’s student body.

What jobs are in demand in Virginia?

The 10 Fastest Growing Jobs In Virginia For 2019

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  • Physical Therapy Aide.
  • Home Health Aid.
  • Nurse Practitioner.
  • Physical Therapist Assistant.
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  • Interpreter And Translator.
  • Statistician.

What is a curriculum and instruction specialist?

Curriculum and instruction specialists assess the effectiveness of a school’s curriculum and design teaching materials and curricula to better meet the state’s educational standards. Earning a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction prepares educators to move into a variety of positions.

How do you become a curriculum developer?

How to become a curriculum developer

  1. Earn a bachelor’s degree.
  2. Get classroom experience.
  3. Get your teaching certification.
  4. Receive a master’s degree.
  5. Apply for a curriculum developer role.
  6. Write a strong resume.
  7. Complete a teaching internship.
  8. Choose an undergraduate major that fits your interests.

How do I become a curriculum and instruction specialist?

Most curriculum and instruction specialists have a master’s degree and teaching experience. Before becoming a specialist in the field, educators must complete a bachelor’s degree, which typically takes four years, and earn a teaching license.

What do you call someone who writes curriculum?

Also known as curriculum developers and instructional coordinators, curriculum writers are often licensed teachers or school administrators. Their responsibility lies in developing and implementing new techniques to improve education and training quality.