How much do NPs make in NC?

How much do NPs make in NC?

Family Nurse Practitioner: The average family nurse practitioner salary in North Carolina is $107,100 annually or $51.49 per hour. Eighty of North Carolina’s 100 counties are designated primary care shortage areas, so demand for FNPs throughout the state is high.

Do RN get paid more than NP?

There’s a significant pay jump from the RN to NP position. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in 2020, the average pay for registered nurses was $80,010, while nurse practitioners’ earned an average of $117,670 per year.

Is becoming an FNP worth it?

One of the top pros of being a nurse practitioner is that you will have job security. Your job security is impacted by the fact that there is a shortage of physicians, people are now living longer, and that NPs have the capability to provide high-quality care. This essentially means you will be in high demand.

Where are the highest paid nurse practitioners?

Here are the 10 states where nurse practitioners have the highest annual average salary based on the data:

  • Hawaii: $124,000.
  • New Jersey: $123,810.
  • Minnesota: $122,850.
  • New York: $122,550.
  • Massachusetts: $122,240.
  • Wyoming: $118,110.
  • Nevada: $115,970.
  • Alaska: $115,890.

Who gets paid more nurse practitioner or physician assistant?

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), the 2018 median pay for Nurse Practitioners is roughly $140,000 per year or $53 per hour. In comparison, 2017 median pay for Physician Assistants is over $108,000 per year or $52 per hour. It is worth noting that salary can widely differ from state to state.

How much do NPs make an hour?

Nurse Practitioner Salary Per Hour According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the national mean hourly wage for nurse practitioners is $53.77 as of May 2019 (latest available data). Most NPs earn an hourly median wage of between $39.14 and $73.16.