How much does a bar license cost in Bangalore?

How much does a bar license cost in Bangalore?

The licence for a wine store (CL-2) commands a price of Rs 65-70 lakh or more, depending on the area. The price is no different in Mysore, where licences are sold for nearly Rs 50 lakh. “A bar licence was sold to a person for Rs 1 crore.

How much does a bar license cost in India?

Top tier cities have an annual licensing fee of ₹10 lakhs, whereas tier 4 cities charge ₹2.5 lakhs. In other states, businesses must pay a processing fee of ₹5,000 after submitting the documents. Following this, the restaurant owner must pay ₹50,000 for each spirit brand or type they wish to sell in their restaurant.

How can I get bar Licence in Bangalore?

One need to apply for a license to the State Excise Department. Go to the license issuing authority of your area to do the preliminary round of discussion for the area you wanted to obtain the license. If the area proposed is accepted, then the applicant can start his work.

How much does an alcohol permit cost in India?

The average cost of an FL-4 license is Rs. 13,000. Serving Liquor License Cost in Permit Rooms – The Liquor License cost for serving in permit rooms is rupees 5,44,000 and that for a restaurant or beer shop is Rs. 1,50,000.

What is CL 7 bar license?

CL-7 as per Annexure-Q wherein condition No. 7 states that the sale of liquor is restricted to the residents for their-own use and that of their guests requiring liquor with the meals supplied to them.

How can I get wine Licence in Bangalore?

Documents required for issuing Wine Tavern License

  1. Request letter for Deputy Commissioner.
  2. Application Form LFW-1.
  3. Challan for Rs.1000/- & Rs.150/- (2 Separate Challans) for Wine Tavern.
  4. Blue print copy of the premises (3 copies)
  5. Form 4B East, West, North, South 100mtrs Radial map (3 copies)
  6. Passport size photos (3 Nos.)

How can I start a bar in Bangalore?

4. Licenses And Registration Needed For Restro-bars

  1. Liquor License.
  2. Shop Establishment License.
  3. Police Eating House License.
  4. Local Municipal Authority License.
  5. FSSAI License.
  6. Fire Safety Certificate.
  7. GST Registration.

How much liquor can I keep at home in Bangalore?

Permissible limits are 18.2 litres of country beer, 9.1 litres of imported foreign liquor, 4.5 litres of fortified wine, 9 litres of fruit wine, 2.3 litres of liquor manufactured in Karnataka (excluding imported Foreign liquor), and 2.5 litres of toddy (in the areas where public sale of toddy is allowed, i.e., D.

How much does a liquor license cost?

How much does a liquor license cost? To obtain a liquor license you will typically have to pay a fee for the license and a processing fee for your application. The cost of a license ranges from $300 to $14,000 based on your state. You may also have to pay an additional license fee based on your municipality.

How much does a bar license cost in Karnataka?

The excise fee in Karnataka is paid annually in advance before June 1. For pubs and bars (CL9 licencees) the fee ranges from Rs 4 to Rs 7.5 lakh depending upon the population of the area, plus the additional excise duty of 15 per cent on the licence fee. In all, the fee comes up to around Rs 10 lakh.

Can I sell homemade wine in Bangalore?

There is no restriction imposed by state laws in India that one cannot make brew beer or make wine at home, but it is only for personal use and not for any commercial purpose. One can make wine or brew beer but must consider some points: If a person is making wine or beer, then one must not sell it.

How much does it cost to renew driving license in Bangalore?

Fee Structure of Driving Licence in Bangalore, Karnataka: Type of license Old fees (In Rs.) New fees (In Rs.) Learner’s license 30 200 Learner’s license renewal 40 200 International driver’s license 500 1000 Driving Licence Fees 40 200

How much does it cost to get liquor license in Bangalore?

1) If you want to serve bottled beer and hard liqour, you will need to get a Liquor license (called CL-9). This will cost you about 50-60 lakhs in Bangalore if you want to purchase it (saw an ad 2 weeks ago for 70 lakhs – http://bangalore.olx.in/cl-9-bar-liquor-license-for-sale-70-lacs-negotiable-bangalore-iid-177156604) .

Is it difficult to get a CL9 license?

The founder is from the business family who are into F&B business and getting the CL9 license would not be difficult for us. Our restaurant would be able to accommodate 600 people. The business does not own any physical assets required for the restaurant.

What’s the price of a bar licence in Mysore?

Sources in the excise department said a bar and restaurant (CL-9) licence was sold for an exorbitant Rs 1.06 crore recently. The licence for a wine store (CL-2) commands a price of Rs 65-70 lakh or more, depending on the area. The price is no different in Mysore, where licences are sold for nearly Rs 50 lakh.