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How much does a home inspection cost in Chicago?

How much does a home inspection cost in Chicago?

The costs for home inspections differ across the country and range anywhere from $375 to $550 for the average 2,000-square-foot home. Chicago-area Angie’s List members report paying an average cost of $553 for a home inspection, but that can vary depending on where exactly you live.

What is the average cost of home inspector?

According to, an average home inspection for a single family home will cost between $300 and $500 — the current national average is $337. However, this number can vary depending on a wide range of factors, including location.

Are home inspectors worth the cost?

Here you see the trend, too, but the interesting thing is that even houses built in the last 15 years have a repair cost average higher than the inspection cost. So while the chances of finding a bunch of repair items are lower (which is really a good thing), the inspection cost is typically worth it.

How much is the Illinois home inspector exam?

The average fee for a home inspection in the state of Illinois is $400. The amount you charge for a home inspection will vary based on age and square footage of the home.

How much does a well inspection cost?

An average well inspection ranges from $300 to $500. This depends on the inspector’s rates as well as the type of water tests they intend to conduct to check water quality. It also depends on whether they provide a septic inspection as well. Some inspectors also charge a travel surcharge.

What do look for in a home inspection checklist?

Open for Inspection checklist: 10 things to check before buying a house

  • Check for water stains, corrosion and mould.
  • Assess ceilings for sagging.
  • Look inside the cabinets in all wet areas.
  • Check the walls for large cracks.
  • Check for mould in bathrooms and bedrooms.
  • Check the internal wall plastering for fine cracks.

How do home inspectors get paid?

The average home inspector salary in the U.S. is about $58,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( You’ll make about $450 bucks per inspection. You’ll earn about 28 bucks per hour. Below you’ll find a breakdown of the average home inspector salaries and costs per state.

How long does it take to become a home inspector in Illinois?

To obtain a license, an applicant must: 1) be at least 21 years of age, 2) obtain a high school diploma or GED, 3) as a prerequisite for sitting for the examination, successfully complete 60 hours of pre-license education from an education provider approved and licensed by IDFPR-DRE plus perform 5 field events under …

What happens during well inspection?

Well inspections provide a thorough evaluation of the entire well system. This begins with checking the operation of the submersible pump and the water recharging into the well. The inspector examines all parts of the pressure tank, which is usually located in the basement.