How much does a serbu BFG-50A cost?

How much does a serbu BFG-50A cost?

$7,720 excluding shipping. Please see the “BFG-50A Deposit” page for purchase.

What does serbu BFG 50 mean?

The Serbu BFG-50 is a single-shot, breech-loading rifle designed by Mark Serbu and manufactured by Serbu Firearms. 50 BMG cartridge, a caliber commonly used by anti-materiel rifles, which the BFG-50 is not. Big Fucking Gun. 76ersfan76.

Is the BFG 50 good?

Overall, the BFG 50 is a good, slow, heavy-duty weapon, able to be used by amateurs and professionals alike, having a low skill cap requirement.

Is the serbu RN 50 safe?

Mark Serbu, the designer of the rifle that exploded, also released a video to “assure people that the RN-50 is a safe gun … regardless of, yeah, it blew up and almost killed a guy.”

Can you own a BFG 50?

29.5″ Standard Model. 29.5″ Standard Model. Customer-owned BFG-50 Carbine with old style bipod setup and own optics….SPECS.

Caliber .50 BMG (California-legal .50 DTC also available)
Bipod Custom BFG-50™ bipod available (shown above)
Finish Parkerized (manganese phosphate)

What does BMG stand for in guns?

Browning machine gun
50 BMG, the technical designation of the caliber, stands for Browning machine gun, one of the earliest weapons designed for this heavy round.

What does BFG stand for in doom?

The BFG is a fictional weapon found in many video games, mostly in first-person shooter series such as Doom and Quake. The abbreviation BFG stands for “Big Fucking Gun” as described in Tom Hall’s original Doom design document and in the user manual of Doom II: Hell on Earth.

What kind of rifle is the Serbu BFG 50?

The BFG-50™ – the first design from Serbu Firearms – is a bolt action, single shot rifle. The BFG-50 is constructed using the most modern manufacturing methods and is made from the highest quality MIL-spec alloy steels. In continuous production since 1999, the BFG-50™ was Mark Serbu’s first rifle design.

What kind of rifle is the BFG 50?

The BFG-50™ – the first design from Serbu Firearms – is a bolt action, single shot rifle.

What kind of magazine does the Serbu 50A have?

10 round magazine. Serbu 8″ picatinny bipod. For purchase, please see our BFG-50A Deposit page here. The BFG-50A is a magazine-fed, semi-automatic, gas-operated .50 BMG rifle. It has a 3-lug rotating bolt, dual plunger ejectors, sliding plate extractor and hydraulic recoil buffer.

Which is better the Serbu 50A or the Barrett?

Serbu 50A – I’ve seen some good reviews and like the simplicity and comments about it being more accurate than barrett. Seems very solid overall, but obviously you’re stuck with 50bmg. Barrett – I like the fact that it’s a quality battle proven rifle.