How much does higher education cost in India?

How much does higher education cost in India?

Fees are very reasonable in government colleges & 5 years courses can be completed with less than 10 Lakh Rs. But in Private college Rs, 50 Lakh is standard for the same cost. If someone is interested in PG – he should be prepared to pay another Rs 30 Lakh in a private institute.

What is the cost of higher education?

Average Cost of College by State

State In-state tuition Out-of-state tuition
California $9,680 $32,590
Colorado $10,800 $30,600
Connecticut $12,390 $29,020
Delaware $12,270 $30,970

Is higher education free in India?

Education in India is compulsory for all children from ages six to 14 and provided free of charge at public schools.

What is the average tuition fees in India?

The average cost for an international student is an estimated USD 5500. While the average tuition fees in India can vary across institutes – both public and private, living costs would be around USD2500, according to the student’s living standards and city of stay.

Which is the cheapest university in India?


  • Kaziranga University.
  • GLS (Gujarat Law Society) University.
  • Nirma University.
  • Bahra University.
  • Uka Tarsadia University.
  • Jamia Islamia University.
  • Navrachana University.
  • ITM University.

Are tuition fees paid yearly?

Paying fees – reminder Every student is charged a fee for each academic year they study at UCL. Fees generally increase annually and are set approximately 15 months before the start of the academic session to which they apply.

How much do tuition teachers earn in India?

A private tuitions teacher today earns around Rs. 70,000 a month on an average.