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How much horsepower does a 2006 CBR1000RR have?

How much horsepower does a 2006 CBR1000RR have?


2004 — 2005 2006 — 2007
Power 128.3 kW (172.0 bhp) @ 11,000 rpm 132.0 kW (177.0 bhp) @ 11,250 rpm
Power rear wheel 101.5 kW (136.1 hp) 106.3 kW (142.6 hp)
Torque 103.6 N⋅m (76.4 lbf⋅ft) @ 8,500 rpm 104.05 N⋅m (76.74 lb⋅ft) @ 8500 rpm
Torque rear wheel 96.8 N⋅m (71.4 lbf⋅ft) 100.2 N⋅m (73.9 lbf⋅ft)

What is the top speed of a 2006 Honda CBR1000RR?

  • Model: CBR.
  • Engine: liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder.
  • Transmission: 6-speed.
  • Horsepower @ RPM: 172.
  • Displacement: 998 L.
  • 0-60 time: 3.2 sec.
  • Top Speed: 181 mph.
  • Price: 11,299.

How many miles will a CBR1000RR last?

A well-kept Honda CBR 1000RR can last for over 75,000 miles if serviced regularly, appropriately stored, and ridden responsibly and regularly. If you ride 4,000 miles per year like the average sportbike rider, a well-kept CBR 1000RR should last for about 18 years.

Is Honda CBR1000RR good?

Let’s cut to the chase, the Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP is the best inline-four superbike on the market. It’s powerful, nimble, and sophisticated. And while it’s a bit subjective to say so, it looks pretty good too. It is not a perfect machine, however.

How much HP does a cbr1000rr have?

The Fireblade measured a respectable 165.42 hp at 12,000 rpm and 74.58 pound-feet of torque at 10,580 rpm, which is comparable to the 186 hp (at the crankshaft) that Honda claims for the US-spec model but significantly lower than the claimed 214 hp of the EU-spec machine.

How fast can a Honda CBR 1000 go?

Honda CBR 1000 RR (top speed 300 km/h)

How long do CBR engines last?

If well maintained and not pushed past its limit, a Honda CBR 250R can last for over 75,000 miles without a rebuild. Its water-cooled, single-cylinder motor boasts Honda’s reliable manufacturing technology.

Which FireBlade should I get?

But first a quick word about why the CBR954RR is the best Honda FireBlade. It’s the lightest. With a wet weight (fully fuelled) of only 192kg, the CBR954RR weighs about what a modern day Honda CBR500R weighs! It’s a sought-after classic.

Is the FireBlade a good bike?

Honda’s Fireblade has always been the go-to superbike for the discerning road rider. Simple, light, effective, easy to get on with and beautifully built, others have come and gone, surrounded by their own fanfares, but the Blade has continued to be a best-seller.

What kind of bike is the Honda CBR1000RR?

2006 HONDA CBR1000RR, Sports Bike, CBR 1000RR, GSXR, SUZUKI 600, 750, 1000, YAMAHA R1,R6, Kawasaki, Street Bike, Honda, BMW, Ducati 1300, Hayabusa, ZX… 2006 HONDA CBR1000RR, This 2006 Honda CBR1000RR looks, runs, and drives excellent. Very well maintained, it s Red/Black paint looks excellent.

Where can I find 2006 Honda CBR 1000 RR Fireblade?

You can list all 2006 Honda CBR 1000 RR Fireblade available and also sign up for e-mail notification when such bikes are advertised in the future. Bikez has a high number of users looking for used bikes. Before you buy this bike, you should view the list of related motorbikes Compare technical specs.

Is the Honda CBR600RR a seventh generation car?

Many of the new technologies introduced in the Honda CBR600RR, a direct descendant of the RC211V, were used in the new CBR1000RR such as a lengthy swingarm, Unit Pro-Link rear suspension, and Dual Stage Fuel Injection System (DSFI). The seventh-generation RR (SC57), the Honda CBR1000RR, was the successor to the 2002 CBR954RR.

What are the ABS settings on a Honda CBR1000RR?

The dashboard now has a three-position ‘W’ setting, alongside the Power, Engine Braking and Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) traction settings. The ABS settings has also been tweaked, giving less intervention above 120 km/h (75 mph) and giving 15% more deceleration.