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How much is a pallet of St Augustine grass?

How much is a pallet of St Augustine grass?

Augustine Floratam, a variant of St. Augustine, sells by the pallet for $185 to $225. At 450 square feet per pallet, this cost equates to about $0.35 per square foot. Floratam does well in full sunlight and in a variety of soil types….St. Augustine Prices.

Per Price Range Average Cost
Pallet $160 – $340 $250

How much is a pallet of sod in MS?

A pallet of sod costs $130 to $360, which covers about 450 square feet. Sod prices range from $0.30 to $0.80 per square foot depending on the variety of grass, its quality, the amount ordered, and delivery fees.

How do I prepare my yard for St Augustine sod?

Ground Preparation

  1. Mow the lawn area with a lawnmower, set on the lowest setting, to remove all tall weeds from the area you are planting.
  2. Turn the soil with a garden tiller to a depth of 4 inches.
  3. Rake out all weeds, grass and rocks from the planting area.
  4. Water the soil with a garden hose or sprinkler so it is damp.

What grass is closest to St Augustine?

Zoysia Grass
Zoysia Grass – Zoysia is similar in thickness to St. Augustine but is more drought-resistant. It can handle partial shade, and can stand up to the heavy traffic of an active family.

Is Zoysia better than St. Augustine?

Zoysia are finer textured than St. Augustine grasses and have a softer feel. They are slower growing and produce less leaf clippings than St. This attribute allows Zoysia to be more tolerant of traffic, drought and freeze than St.

Is sod better than seed?

One of the leading reasons why sod is better than grass seed is because it provides us with an instant lawn and instant gratification. It can take all season or even several seasons to get a thick, lush lawn from grass seeds, but sod takes root in only a couple, short weeks.

Can you put St Augustine sod over existing grass?

Sod, though, can be applied directly over existing grass.” When the grass dies, it gives off nutrients that actually benefit the new sod above it. The main nutrient that the dead grass layer provides is nitrogen. Applying sod directly over grass is advantageous because it requires less work.

What is the best time to lay sod St Augustine?

St. Augustine grass grows best in the warmth of spring and summer, when high temperatures are normally 80-100 °F. Plant St. Augustine grass plugs or sod in full sun, at least 90 days before your region’s first estimated fall frost, to give the grass plenty of time to establish.

Which grass is better Zoysia or St. Augustine?

Shade Tolerance Augustine grasses are pretty shade tolerant compared to other turfgrass varieties. Augustine are the best grasses for shade. When it comes to zoysia varieties, zoysia is still pretty shade tolerant for a warm season grass, but their shade tolerance ranks second to that of St. Augustine’s.

Will St. Augustine grass choke out weeds?

Augustine Grass. This is a sod-forming turf, meaning it spreads through above-ground stolons that root into the soil. These stolons make St. Augustine an aggressive turf that is able to choke out weeds and other grasses if it is maintained properly.

Why is Zoysia so expensive?

Here in the Midwest, zoysia seed has a difficult time establishing because of our cool soil temperatures. Thus, most people who choose zoysia grass must plant it in plugs or sod during the summer months. This can get pricey.

Where is the cheapest place to buy sod?

Visit a sod farm for any large purchase. Most sod farms will sell their products directly to consumers. This is the least expensive way to buy sod, because it cuts out the garden center as middleman.

Does Home Depot have Saint Augustine sod?

The St. Augustine does not have a seed that is commercially available. The St. Augustine grass can only be purchased in flats or in sod form. Check with your local Home Depot Garden Department for availability. It is possible that the root system of the St. Augustine survived.

Is there a Saint Augustine grass seed?

St. Augustine grass seed is well adapted to a wide range of soils types. With dark green blades and rounded tips, St. Augustine grass grows best in sun but tolerates shade. When watered regularly, St. Augustine seed grows quickly and the grass spreads by surface runners that root at the joints.

What is Saint Augustine sod?

St. Augustine (Stenotaphrum secundatum) is a warm season grass grown throughout the southeastern sections of the United States. Lawns laid with St. Augustine sod are full, lush and green, if maintained properly.