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How much is an enclosed trailer worth?

How much is an enclosed trailer worth?

Enclosed car trailers (solid sides and roof, usually with a rear that folds down as a ramp) sell for $6,000-$20,000 or more, depending on size, capacity, type of hitch (bumper pull or gooseneck) and materials (steel or aluminum).

Is Wells Cargo still in business?

Wells, a man of many “firsts” and a true manufacturing pioneer, founded Wells Cargo back in 1954. Today, Wells Cargo offers over 200 different trailer models for industrial, commercial, and recreational applications.

How much does a Wells Cargo trailer weight?


CURB WEIGHT (APPROXIMATE) 935 lbs. 2,275 lbs.
GVWR 2,990 lbs. 7,000 lbs.
PAYLOAD CAPACITY (APPROXIMATE) 2,055 lbs. 4,725 lbs.
SIDE DOOR OPT 32″ Bar Lock

Is an enclosed trailer worth it?

Enclosed trailers are worth the investment and many trailer forums rave about the overall utility and convenience. However, if you are heavily restricted by finances, an open trailer is still worth the money and those same forums suggest owning both types of trailers.

Is there a Kelley Blue Book for dump trailers?

The Blue Book features over 1,000,000 company listings in BlueBook and CSI industry catagories (including Dump Trucks & Dump Trailers).

Can you negotiate cargo trailer prices?

You can absolutely negotiate. Depending on the trailer there may or may not be a whole lot of meat on the bone. The take it or leave it part is easy. Leave it.

Are Wells Cargo trailers aluminum?

If you’ve got a job to do, the new Wells Cargo Wagon SS is the way to do it. All-Aluminum construction resulted in a lighter trailer for increased fuel economy and increased hauling capacity. The aluminum hardware, exterior trim, and bonded skin assure long-lasting curb appeal.

Who makes Continental cargo trailers?

Forest River, Inc.
Continental Cargo is proud to be a division of Forest River, Inc., the largest manufacturer of Cargo Trailers, Recreational Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles, and Marine Products.

How heavy is a 6X12 enclosed trailer?

Single-Axle Trailers with 3500-lb. Axles

Size Empty Weight Tongue Weight
6 x 12 1200 180

How much does a 7X16 enclosed trailer cost?

Trailer Size

Size Model Number Price
7X16 VT716TA $5,029

Why are enclosed trailers so expensive?

It’s not because they want to raise prices, but they have no choice. The increases are coming from their suppliers of steel, wood, and other commonly used parts such as air conditioners, awnings, generators, and more. It’s a chain reaction from the Covid-19 shutdowns of 2020 and the China tariffs.

Do enclosed trailers leak?

One major benefit you can offer your cargo trailer customers is the peace of mind that their roofs won’t leak. A leaky roof can not only impact the trailer’s structure, but it can also damage the contents inside. Aluminum is one of the more common substrates used on horse and cargo trailer roofs.