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How much is Ferne from towie worth?

How much is Ferne from towie worth?

According to Fame Ranker, Ferne is worth around $1million or £760,000. The star has been in the public eye for over seven years after first joining TOWIE as Charlie Sims’ girlfriend.

What Colour is Ferne McCann hair?

blonde hair
Ferne McCann shows off gorgeous blonde hair – see the dramatic transformation.

What is Arg net worth?

What is James Argent’s net worth? Arg has an estimated worth of £800,000, according to Spear’s Magazine. As well as his time on TOWIE, James has appeared on many other shows including Sugar Free Farm and The Jump.

Who is Fern dating?

Ferne McCann confirmed she is spending the third lockdown with her new boyfriend Jack Padgett. Appearing on Wednesday’s edition of Loose Women, the former Towie star revealed she is now living with the model – who she met last year.

Is Ferne still with her boyfriend?

FERNE McCann has split from her boyfriend Jack Padgett. The reality star, 30, has broken up with the model and marketing manager because the pair are at “different stages in life”. “Ferne said it was a case of ‘right guy wrong time’. “It was clear to all of us that they were both on different paths.

Is Tommy Mallet A Millionaire?

Tommy Mallet made a name for himself from a very young age after launching a designer trainer business, and he’s gone on to become a millionaire, even being named on Forbes’ 30 under 30 entrepreneur list.

What’s Tommy Mallet real name?

While TOWIE’s Tommy is known to most as Tommy Mallet, his real name is actually Tommy Fordham.

Is ARG rich?

Star of TOWIE, TV personality, singer and radio presenter James ‘Arg’ Argent has an estimated net worth of £800,000. He became famous mostly through his appearance on The Only Way Is Essex and has been a cast member of the show since its first series in 2010.

Why does Arg put on weight?

With gyms and swimming pools closed, Arg was unable to continue his routine of swimming and boxing – which led to him piling on weight again. He also admitted he’s had to delete takeaway apps from his phone because he struggled with the temptation of ordering treats like ice cream, chocolate and pizza.