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How much is MakatiMed consultation?

How much is MakatiMed consultation?

Professional fees (Consultation fee?) New patient: 2000 – 3000 Follow -up consults: 1200 – 1800 These fees are already net of the PWD and Senior Citizen 20% discount.

How do I make an appointment in MakatiMed?

You may reach our MakatiMed On-Call representatives at +632 8888 8999 for assistance. They will help you schedule a consultation.

Who is the owner of Makati Medical Center?

Manuel V. Pangilinan
Makati Medical Center became a part of the Metro Pacific Investment Corporation’s (MPIC) group of hospitals in 2007 following MPIC’s investment in Medical Doctors, Inc., owner and operator of MakatiMed. Manuel V. Pangilinan has served as Chairman of the Board since then.

What is MakatiMed known for?

Located at the heart of the country’s primary central business district, MakatiMed, with a 600-bed capacity, delivers quality and compassionate service through its highly skilled and board-certified physicians, compassionate nurses, competent allied healthcare professionals and management staff, modern facilities and …

Is Doctors fee covered by PhilHealth?

PhilHealth is committed to providing you with the most comprehensive understanding of how the professional fee for surgical procedures is computed. * This fee only represents PhilHealth payment to the surgeon. It does not include payment to other physicians if required, or hospital costs.

Does maxicare cover surgery?

The hospitalization services which include accommodations, medicines and supplies, procedures and/or surgery whenever medically necessary, furnished to a patient admitted in an Affiliated Hospital.

How can I go to Makati medical Center?

How to go to Makati Medical Center?

  1. Board a jeepney that will traverse Gil Puyat Ave. coming from EDSA and disembark at Makati Central Post Office.
  2. Board a jeepney or a bus traversing Ayala Ave. coming from EDSA.
  3. If coming from Taft Ave., board a jeepney or a bus at Taft Ave. cor.

How can I apply for Makati Med?

Apply to be a Makati Medical Center Consultant

  1. Current Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) License and Board Certificate.
  2. Current Professional Tax Receipt (PTR)
  3. Current Dangerous Drug Board (DDB) ID.
  4. Photocopy of Medical/Dental School Diploma, Internship, Residency and Fellowship.

What level is Makati Medical Center?

Makati Medical Center (MMC), also known as Makati Med, is a tertiary hospital in Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines with more than 600 beds….

Makati Medical Center
Standards JCI (6th ed) accredited
Emergency department Level I Trauma
Beds More than 600

When was Makati Medical Center built?

Makati Medical Center/Founded

On May 31, 1969, the Makati Medical Center formally opened its doors to the public. For its founders, it marked the fulfillment of a dream and the culmination of years of hard work and sacrifice to provide world-class healthcare for Filipinos.

Do seniors need to pay PhilHealth?

Senior Citizens who are gainfully employed or who remain to have regular sources of income shall continue to pay their premium contributions to PhilHealth under the applicable membership categories.