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How much is Reddam House school fees?

How much is Reddam House school fees?

Each accepted applicant is sent a formal letter of acceptance with a request for payment of a once off, non-refundable Enrolment Fee of R15 000 for tuition enrolment; R20 000 for tuition and boarding enrolment. Once Reddam House is in receipt of this fee the applicant’s place at Reddam House is secure.

Does reddam offer scholarships?

Each year Reddam House College (High School) offers a limited number of scholarships and bursaries to all-rounded students with a track record of excellence in the fields of Academics, Sport and the Arts. The award of bursaries is also subject to funds being available.

Is the Reddam House Berkshire Middle School a good school?

“It is a great privilege to welcome you to the Reddam House Berkshire Middle School. I am incredibly proud to lead this unique and vitally important stage of our student’s academic careers and together, with hard work, we will ensure the transition from Junior to Senior School is seamless.

How much does it cost to go to Reddam House?

Early Learning School 3 months to 4+ yea £61 – £75 per day* Junior School Reception to Year 6 £3,830 – £4,818 per Term Middle & Senior School Year 7 to Year 13 £6,110 per Term Middle & Senior School Weekly Boarding £9,327 – £10,748 per Term Middle & Senior School Termly Boarding £9,842 – £11,263 per Term

How are sibling fees calculated at Reddam House?

5)Sibling fee: The eldest child is charged at the standard fee rate, thereafter each younger sibling is charged at the reduced sibling rate of their relevant grade. 6)For Grade 12, ten monthly payments by debit order, the amounts to be debited on 01/01/2017, thereafter on the last day of each month commencing 30/01/2017, ending 30/09/2017.

Where does the name Reddam House come from?

Reddam House Berkshire follows in the footsteps of its worldwide family. The zest, curiosity and unwavering energy are felt throughout Reddam Middle Schools across the globe.