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How tall do Chinese tallow trees get?

How tall do Chinese tallow trees get?

24 to 35 feet
Chinese tallow is a quick-growing, deciduous tree capable of root and basal sprouting [52,63,67,112,126,170]. It typically grows from 24 to 35 feet (7-11 m) tall [125,210], but individuals up to 65 feet (20 m) tall and over 3 feet (1 m) in diameter have been reported [69].

How big does a Chinese tallow grow?

Chinese tallow is a deciduous tree growing to 15 m high, but more commonly reaches heights of 6–10 m. The tree canopy can extend 4–5 m wide with long, drooping branches.

How fast does Chinese tallow grow?

It can shoot up at a rate of 3 feet (1 m.) a year and can live up to 60 years. Chinese tallow blossoms are small and yellow, borne on 8 inches (20.5 cm.) spikes.

Are Chinese tallow trees invasive?

In order to eradicate this plant, total removal of the plant and seeds is required. Insects, Diseases, and Other Plant Problems: No serious pest issues. The leaves and fruit are toxic to humans and cattle. This tree is invasive in North Carolina as well as other locations.

Why are Chinese tallow trees bad?

Invasive pest or good tree for garden? The primary reason for not planting this tree was because of the threat to native habitats in the southeastern United States. The article stated that the Chinese tallow tree produced seed at a young age that was quickly spread by birds and moving water.

Are Chinese tallow trees good?

Evidence indicates that it was brought as a source of oil for the soap industry. Chinese tallow tree tolerates a wide range of environmental conditions. It grows rapidly and is resistant to many pests, so that it quickly dominates sites.

Is Chinese tallow tree poisonous?

Toxicity: Ingestion of plant material causes gastrointestinal upset with nausea and vomiting. Contact with the plants can cause dermatitis. The milky sap in both the leaves and the berries is poisonous to animals. Sheep and goats have been known to eat the leaves of Chinese tallow, but the plant is toxic to cattle.

What kills Chinese tallow trees?

One of the most commonly used treatments for Chinese tallow tree is a basal bark application of the ester formulation of triclopyr. Most trees can be killed with a 15% solution using vegetable oil as a surfactant.

Is Chinese tallow tree poisonous to humans?

Chinese tallow thrives in river corridors and sandbars and is capable of rapidly replacing existing native vegetation. Tallow is toxic to humans and wildlife. Its leaves and fruit are toxic to cattle (It is a member of the Euphorbia family of plants which includes many other toxic or unpalatable plants).

Why is the Chinese tallow tree bad?