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How tall is Jourdan Miller?

How tall is Jourdan Miller?

1.83 m
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Why did they cancel ANTM?

According to a report by Page Six, the “ugly firings” were the result of a planned shift for the upcoming season, with a “show insider” telling Page Six that ANTM would be putting a greater emphasis on social media. Executive producer Ken Mok addressed the dismissal of the trio in a statement.

How old is Jourdan Miller?

27 years (October 6, 1993)
Jourdan Miller/Age

Is Jourdan Miller famous?

Jourdan Miller (born October 6, 1993) is an American fashion model, best known for winning the twentieth cycle of America’s Next Top Model. She is also the only female model to have won a cycle that included male models; the other two cycles that followed were both won by men.

Who wins cycle 20 ANTM?

Cycle 20 (subtilted as America’s Next Top Model: Guys & Girls) of America’s Next Top Model premiered on August 2, 2013 on The CW and concluded on November 15, 2013. Jourdan Miller was crowned the winner of the cycle. A modeling contract with NEXT Model Management. A spread in Nylon magazine .

Who won ANTM cycle 11?

After Sam and McKey walked the Dr. Suess -like runway created by Mr. Jay and after hardly any ‘on the edge of your seat’ time waiting for her to announce the winner, Brittany ‘McKey’ Sullivan was crowned Ms. ANTM Cycle 11 Winner.

Who is CoryAnne from ‘ANTM’?

Coryanne Roberts was born on the 14th of February, 1997. She is best known for being a Model. She and Paige Mobley were both finalists on cycle 23 of ANTM. Coryanne Roberts’s age is 23. Model who rose to fame as a frontrunner on cycle 23 of America’s Next Top Model.

Is ANTM cancelled?

America’s Next Top Model Cancelled: Tyra Banks Confirms CW Pulled The Plug on ANTM After 22 Seasons. The CW has confirmed that they have finally cancelled America’s Next Top Model and put the show that seemed to never end out of its misery.