Is Beck dubbed in English?

Is Beck dubbed in English?

He is voiced by Shintaro Ohata in the Japanese anime, with Tatsuzo of YKZ providing his singing voice, and by Justin Cook in the English dub. He is portrayed by Kenta Kiritani in the live-action film. Beck’s bassist, Taira is the second member recruited by Ryusuke.

Is there a beck anime?

Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad is an anime series adapted from the manga of the same title by Harold Sakuishi. The series consists of 26 episodes. Beck was first aired on TV Tokyo in Japan on October 7, 2004 with the episode “The View at 14”, and concluded with “America” on March 31, 2005.

Where can u watch Beck anime?

Currently you are able to watch “Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad” streaming on Funimation Now or for free with ads on Funimation Now.

What genre is Beck anime?

Coming-of-age story
Musical fictionRomance novel

Is Beck worth watching?

Beck is overall an entertaining animation by Harold Sakuishi. As everyone has felt and will feel, the story progresses on the slow side. This should not be an issue. There are an array of diverse characters to enjoy throughout the series and much of the character development is done quite well.

How old is Maho Beck?


Maho Minami
Voiced by Miho Saiki (Japanese) Brina Palencia (English)
Age 14 [First Appearance] 19 [End of Manga]
Relatives Ryusuke “Ray” Minami [Brother] Yukio “Koyuki” Tanaka [Boyfriend]

Can you use funimation for free?

So, you can stream content on Funimation for free but, as is wont with today’s streaming platforms, you’ll be presented with a few ads throughout. ($7.99 per month); and Funimation Premium Plus Ultra ($99.99 per year). Each plan comes with a free trial, so explore to your heart’s content.

Is Beck good anime Reddit?

The songs are so damn good and the dub is pretty solid, one of the best dubs I’ve seen. Pity the animation seems a bit lackluster but it was fine for me and I actually think that added to my enjoyment of the anime a bit. Also, beck made me feel stuff I didn’t know I could feel/forgot how to feel.

Why is it called Beck Mongolian Chop Squad?

A name that was invented by Chiba and referenced Ryusuke’s dog, Beck. When Beck’s first cd debuted in America, the owner of the label thought that Beck wouldn’t stand out, so he renamed the band “Mongolian Chop Squad”. From that point on, the band went by the moniker: “Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad”.