Is bronchial artery embolization safe?

Is bronchial artery embolization safe?

Bronchial artery embolization (BAE) is a safe and effective nonsurgical treatment for patients with massive hemoptysis. However, nonbronchial systemic arteries can be a significant source of massive hemoptysis and a cause of recurrence after successful BAE.

What is arterial embolisation?

A procedure in which the blood supply to a tumor or an abnormal area of tissue is blocked. During arterial embolization, a small incision (cut) is made in the inner thigh and a catheter (thin, flexible tube) is inserted and guided into an artery near the tumor or abnormal tissue.

How long does an embolization last?

Depending on how many blood vessels need treatment, the whole process takes from 30 minutes to a few hours. You can expect to remain in bed for six to eight hours after the procedure to let your body rest and recover.

What is the most severe complication of bronchial artery embolization?

Of these complications, transient chest pain is the most common, with a reported prevalence of up to 89%. The most feared complication of BAE is spinal cord ischemia due to the inadvertent embolization of a spinal artery, fortunately occurring in <5% of cases in most studies.

What is BAE surgery?

A bronchial-artery embolisation (BAE) is a procedure where X-rays are used to examine the bronchial arteries (arteries in your lung). This allows the doctor to find the bronchial artery which is bleeding and causing your haemoptysis (coughing up of blood).

Are you put to sleep for embolization?

It will not put you to sleep, because it is important that you be awake to follow instructions during the procedure. First, a thin, flexible tube called a catheter is placed into a blood vessel in the upper thigh (femoral artery).

Does embolization hurt?

Pain. The primary side effect of uterine artery embolization is pain, which may be a reaction to stopping blood flow to the fibroids and a temporary drop in blood flow to normal uterine tissue. Pain usually peaks during the first 24 hours. To manage the pain, you receive pain medication.

How long does bronchial artery embolization take?

Often, several blood vessels have to be embolized for the best treatment of your condition. The procedure may take anywhere between 2 and 4 hours to perform. Sometimes it is necessary to complete the procedure in a second session.

What is BAE medical term?

Where do bronchial arteries come from?

Bronchial Artery Origins. The bronchial arteries usually originate from the proximal descending thoracic aorta (Fig 1a–1c). They are termed orthotopic when they originate between the superior endplate of the T5 vertebral body and the inferior endplate of the T6 vertebral body.