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Is Comfort Zone heater a good brand?

Is Comfort Zone heater a good brand?

5.0 out of 5 stars GREAT LITTLE HEATER! This is the very best little heater around: It’s sturdy, the heat level is great, If it is knocked over, it turns off till set upright. It works, and lasts for a very long time. We have two cats in our garage that really enjoy the comfort heat when it’s cold in winter.

How do I reset my comfort zone heater?

To reset the heater, simply turn power off and unplug the heater for 10 minutes until it cools down and then you may plug the heater in and restart.

Are comfort zone heaters safe?

The Comfort Zone portable space heater includes a motion sensor feature that ensures your safety by automatically shutting down when no motion is detected. It also features a safety tip-over switch & overheat protection system, minimizing the risk of it causing any damage to your home or office.

What wire do I need for a 240v heater?

A 240-volt baseboard heater requires its own dedicated 20-amp or 30-amp 240-volt electrical circuit. A 20-amp circuit can safely provide 3,800 watts of power, while a 30-amp circuit is suitable for up to 5,700 watts. The standard circuit cable for 20-amp circuits is 12-gauge cable; 30-amp circuits need 10-gauge cable.

Why does my comfort zone heater keep shutting off?

Here are some common reasons that portable electric heaters shut off: The thermostat on the heater is not set high enough. The heater needs to be reset due to an overheat situation. If the unit has tip-over safety protection: To reset, simply place the heater in an upright position on a level surface.

How do you clean a comfort zone heater?

Spray the interior compartment of the heater with a compressed air duster to loosen dry dust and debris. If you are cleaning a space heater without a cover, target the heater’s vents and slats with the compressed air duster’s nozzle. Free any lose dust from the heating element with a few sprays of air as necessary.

Are Comfort Zone heaters safe?

How do you fix a Comfort Zone heater?

Move the power switch to the off position. The Set TEMP light will shut off. Unplug the unit from the electric outlet. And then, plug the electric cord into an outlet and turn it on to reset your Comfort Zone heater.

Who makes comfort zone space heaters?

H2 Brands Group
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