Is Crash Course credible?

Is Crash Course credible?

Most of the Crash Course videos are very accurate. However, in an effort to simplify content, some of the Crash Course Kids videos miss the mark.

What age group is Crash Course for?

Some of the videos contain themes related to sexuality, war violence, and other topics that may not be suitable for tweens or some younger teens. Crash Course Kids is Crash Course’s YouTube channel for kids in elementary school. We recommend parent co-viewing of YouTube content for kids under 13.

What subjects does Crash Course have?

In this collection:

  • Crash Course Biology.
  • Crash Course Chemistry.
  • Crash Course Computer Science.
  • Crash Course Ecology.
  • Crash Course Literature.
  • Crash Course US History.
  • Crash Course World History 1.
  • Crash Course World History 2.

Is crash course free?

Crash Course – About Us. At Crash Course, we believe that high quality educational videos should be available to everyone for free. With hundreds of millions of views on our YouTube channel, Crash Course has a worldwide audience in and out of classrooms.

Why is crash course so popular?

With “Crash Course,” viewers are much more engaged and quick to absorb information because of the visually attractive, fast-paced format. With 200 million views already, “Crash Course” is one of the most popular educational resources for students and teachers on the web.

What do we use as a phrasebook for Chemistrian?

and fortunately for Chemistrian, there’s a kind of phrasebook, the Periodic Table. the rules for describing an element can change depending on where in the table it is. This is especially the case with the things that we’re going to be talking about today: ions and acids.

What is PER in chemistry?

Per: (1) Refers to a molecule containing an oxygen-oxygen single bond. Hydrogen peroxide. Peracetic acid. Isopropyl methyl peroxide. (2) Refers to a molecule in which all hydrogens bonded to carbon have been replaced by an atom of the same element such as fluorine or chlorine.

What grade level is crash course kids?

5th grade science
This series is beginning with 5th grade science, so we’ll be delving into Earth Science, Physical Science, Biology, Geography, Engineering, and Astronomy.

How long is a crash course?

A week long intensive driving course in London extends from 6 hours a day to sometimes 2 hours a day depending on the course, whether it is fully intensive or semi-intensive.