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Is Elena Paparizou married?

Is Elena Paparizou married?

Andreas Kapsalism. 2015
Helena Paparizou/Spouse

How old is Elena Paparizou?

39 years (31 January 1982)
Helena Paparizou/Age

Who is Elena Paparizou husband?

Helena Paparizou/Husband

Where is Elena Paparizou from?

Borås, Sweden
Helena Paparizou/Place of birth
Elena Paparizou also known as Helena Paparizou (born 31 January 1982) in Borås, Sweden. She is a Swedish-Greek singer and model who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005 for Greece, performing the song My Number One which won the entire contest.

What year did Helena Paparizou win Eurovision?

On 21 May 2005, Paparizou won the Eurovision Song Contest; the first Greek win in its history. Her performance scored 230 points and the maximum 12 points from ten nations.

Did Cyprus ever won the Eurovision?

By legend, the island is the birthplace of the ancient Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. As of 2019, Cyprus holds the record for the most times participating in the Eurovision Song Contest without winning. The best placing for the country came in 2018 when Eleni Foureira finished in second place.

Who is the giant presenter on Eurovision 2021?

The Eurovision Song Contest 2021 will be hosted by Chantal Janzen, Edsilia Rombley, Jan Smit and Nikkie de Jager (better known as NikkieTutorials).

Who was Helena Paparizou’s opening act in 2003?

The release reached number one on the Greek Top 50 Singles Chart and was certified Gold by IFPI Greece. From late 2003, Paparizou was the opening act for various artists across Greece, including Antonis Remos and Giannis Spanos, Apostolia Zoi, Nino, Thanos Petrelis, Sakis Rouvas and Giorgos Mazonakis.

When did Helena Paparizou break up with Toni Mavridis?

Paparizou lived with her fiancé and manager Toni Mavridis from 1999 until their separation in 2011. Paparizou has been awarded three Arion Music Awards, a European Border Breakers Award, 30 MAD Video Music Awards —more than any other artist—and an MTV Europe Music Award.

Why did Helena Paparizou change her name to Helena?

Although her first name is “Elena”, Paparizou promoted herself as “Helena” in the lead up to her Eurovision appearance to distinguish herself from popular names in other countries. She continues to call herself Helena on all non-Greek promotions and releases, although she prefers to be known as “Elena”.

When did Helena Paparizou release her second album?

On 12 April, Paparizou released her second album, Iparhi Logos in Greece where it had a good critical reception. While promoting the album, Paparizou performed the title track at the Arion Music Awards.