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Is Gale a credible publisher?

Is Gale a credible publisher?

Gale, a part of Cengage Learning, is among the most trusted names in information publishing, content aggregation, and distribution. With more than 35,000 magazines, newspapers, journals, and online books, Gale informs a global network of scholars, professionals, educators, and editorial experts.

Who published Gale?

Gale is an American educational publishing company based in Farmington Hills, Michigan, west of Detroit….Gale (publisher)

Parent company Cengage
Headquarters location Farmington Hills, Michigan
Publication types Primary sources, databases, e-books, e-learning, Thorndike Large Print

Is Gale a trustworthy source?

Gale gives us credible and reliable resources, with the added bonus of high functionality.

Is Gale a website?

Leaders in Library Research Resources Gale is a global leader in education, learning, and research resources online. (both eBook and print), and more!

What is a gale source?

Gale Primary Sources allows you to discover original, firsthand content — meticulously cross-referenced to bring facts into focus and information to life in remarkable new ways.

Is Gale a girl name?

Gale is a given name. It has seen masculine and feminine use consecutively in the United States. Gale as a man’s name is from an English surname, ultimately from Middle English gaile “jovial”. As a woman’s name, it is a short form of the biblical name Abigail.

Is a gale a bird?

Gale, the Bad Princess is a bird in Angry Birds Stella and is the primary villain in the said title, being the direct equivalent to the King Pig from the standard Angry Birds titles…….Is a gale a bird?

Species Violet-backed starling
Size Medium/Large

What type of source is Gale?

What is Gale a nickname for?

Gayle, Gale is a given name. Gale as a man’s name is from an English surname, ultimately from Middle English gaile “jovial”. As a woman’s name, it is a short form of the biblical name Abigail.

What does the name Gale stand for?

English: nickname for a cheerful or boisterous person, from Middle English ga(i)le ‘jovial’, ‘rowdy’, from Old English gal ‘light’, ‘pleasant’, ‘merry’, which was reinforced in Middle English by Old French gail. Compare Gail 2.

What is Gale Group Inc?

Gale Group Inc/The. The Gale Group, Inc. provides e-research and educational publishing services. The Company publishes academic, educational and business research references serving libraries, educational institutions and businesses. Gale Group markets worldwide.

What is Gale learning?

Gale Cengage Learning is a world leader in e-research and educational publishing for libraries, schools, and businesses.

What is Gale academic database?

Academic One File (Gale) This article database includes full-text and abstracts of scholarly, trade, and general-interest periodicals covering topics in the areas of current events, general sciences and technology, social sciences, arts, and humanities.

What is Gale reference?

Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL) is an online library of reference titles for multi-disciplinary research, including texts related to American and world history, biography, health, arts, business, travel, religion, and multicultural studies.