Is George Nakashima alive?

Is George Nakashima alive?

Deceased (1905–1990)
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What was George Nakashima known for?

George Nakashima (American, May 24, 1905–June 15, 1990) was a woodworker, furniture maker, and architect. He was born in Spokane, WA. He earned a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Washington in 1929 and a Master of Architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1931.

How old is George Nakashima?

85 years (1905–1990)
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George Nakashima, the master woodworker and designer who sought to capture the noble character of trees in chairs, tables and cabinetry, died on Friday at his home in New Hope, Pa. He was 85 years old.

What made Nakashima an artist?

Nakashima places emphasis on the best use of a beautiful piece of wood in the simple forms which he evolved from both Japanese and early American tradition. His long apprenticeship and his deep reverence for wood are combined in the creation of timeless pieces of simplicity, pure line, and sensitive proportion.

What Wood did George Nakashima use?

American black walnut
Pennsylvania-based Nakashima Woodworkers focuses on material and craftmanship by creating timeless furniture pieces from sustainably harvested hardwoods, particularly American black walnut, made to be aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian at the same time.

What does Nakashima mean?

middle island
Japanese: ‘middle island’; also pronounced Nakajima. The sense of ‘island’ is not necessarily land surrounded by water, but can denote a property surrounded by other holdings.

What Wood did Nakashima use?

What finish did George Nakashima use?

tung oil finish
During restoration, we will sand and refinish your piece using our traditional tung oil finish.

What does Nakajima mean in English?

Japanese: ‘middle island’; a more common pronunciation is Nakashima.

How do you say Nakajima in Japanese?

Nakajima (written: 中島), also transliterated as Nakashima, is the 23rd most common Japanese surname. A less common variant is 中嶋. Notable people with the surname include: Airi Nakajima (中島 愛里, born 1990), Japanese actress and gravure idol.

What wood does George Nakashima use?

Our Modern American Collection features natural cherry wood with walnut accents and was inspired by the work of George Nakashima. George Nakashima (1905-1990) was an architect, designer, and woodworker that was a driving force behind 20th-century furniture innovation.