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Is Gtpl broadband really unlimited?

Is Gtpl broadband really unlimited?

GTPL Fiber Broadband gives an amazing unlimited data plans which are value for money. They listen properly & always ready to resolve any problem in internet connection.

Which is better Gtpl or Airtel?

On further comparing the download speeds for India’s top ISPs, Airtel speeds rose to second place in September with a mean download speed of 34.43 Mbps followed by BSNL and GTPL with speeds hovering between 16.00 and18. 47 Mbps for BSNL and between 16.02 and 19.45 Mbps for GTPL.

What is the full name of Gtpl?

Gujarat Tele Link Private Limited
Our Company was incorporated on August 21, 2006 at Ahmedabad as ‘Gujarat Tele Link Private Limited’, as a private limited company under the Companies Act, 1956.

What is the best unlimited WIFI plan in India?

Here are the top 10 internet service providers who give away truly unlimited internet at Rs 1,000:

  • Airtel Broadband Plans.
  • Excitel Broadband Plans.
  • MTNL Broadband Plans.
  • SITI Cable Broadband Plans.
  • Spectra Broadband Plans.
  • BSNL Broadband Plans.
  • Gigatel Broadband Plans.
  • ACT Fibernet Broadband Plans.

Why is Gtpl worst?

Worst services of GTPL cable TV On an average 5-7 days stopped in a month. Initially they are doing marketing and asking for one year money afterwards paying amount of one year not getting services or connection properly. Without bad weather connection lost and stopped for continuous 2-3 days.

Which Mbps is best for home?

We recommend at least 3 to 4 Mbps for standard definition video streaming, 5 to 8 Mbps for high definition video streaming, and at least 25 Mbps for streaming Ultra HD 4K videos.

Which JioFiber plan is best?

Jio Broadband Plans 2021

Jio Fiber Plans List Data & Speed Validity
JioFiber ₹1,499 Monthly Plan Unlimited @300 Mbps 1 Month
JioFiber ₹2,097 Quarterly Plan Unlimited @100 Mbps 3 Months
JioFiber ₹2,394 Semi-Annual Plan Unlimited @30 Mbps 6 Months + 15 Days
JioFiber ₹2,499 Monthly Plan Unlimited @500 Mbps 1 Month

Which WIFI plan is best?

Popular Broadband Plans

  • BSNL Fibre Basic for Rs.
  • Airtel Unlimited Broadband Plan for Rs.
  • Excitel for Streamers of Rs.
  • ACT Bronze 50 Mbps Speed for Rs.549.
  • Hathway HERO_ULTD_50MBPS for Rs.
  • Tata Sky 100Mbps Speed for Rs.850.
  • YOU Broadband Unlimited Plan for Rs. 472.
  • Tikona 100 Mbps Speed for Rs. 699 per 1 Month.

Is GTPL and Hathway same?

Consequently the name of the company was changed to ‘GTPL Hathway Limited’ and a fresh certificate of incorporation consequent upon conversion to a public limited company was granted by the Registrar of Companies Ahmedabad on September 28 2016. …

Why GTPL WIFI is not working?

Error : Due to LAN port disabled or Lan card drivers not installed or lan card drivers not properly installed. Solution : Enable the LAN port (or Local Area Connection). Or Installed the lan card drivers.

Which is better Jio Fibernet or Airtel?

Airtel Xstream Fiber vs Jio Fiber 300Mbps plans compared The 300Mbps plan from both Airtel Xstream Fiber and Jio Fiber cost Rs 1499 monthly. These plans offer unlimited data and local/STD calling. While both operators offer unlimited data and calling, Jio has a clear edge in terms of providing additional free apps.