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Is handball popular in Asia?

Is handball popular in Asia?

The explanation was easy and convincing: meanwhile handball was widely spread in Asia. The leaders of the Asian Game accepted handball as an official sport and asked the Sheikh to act as interim president and to prepare the statutes of the federation.

Who are the current world champions in handball?

The current champion is Denmark, which won its second title at the 2021 tournament in Egypt….World Men’s Handball Championship.

Current season, competition or edition: 2021 World Men’s Handball Championship
Sport Handball
Continent International (IHF)
Most recent champion(s) Denmark (2nd title)
Most titles France (6 titles)

Who is the best handball team in the world?

Handball. World ranking of men’s national teams 2018. Expected result of their nearest match.

Team Rating 200 – 2 goals, etc.
1 Denmark 2419
2 Sweden 2395
3 Norway 2395
4 Germany 2374

Who is the richest handball player in the world?

Top 20 Highest Paid Handball Players in the World 2020

1 Mikkel Hansen €120,000
2 Hans Lindberg €100,000
3 Luc Abalo €85,000

Is handball part of the Olympics?

Originally played outdoors as field handball, the sport first appeared at the Berlin 1936 Games. The modern indoor version made its Olympic debut at Munich 1972. The first women’s competition was held at the Montreal 1976 Games. Handball has featured at every Olympic Games since.

Where was the European Men’s Handball Championship held in 2016?

The 2016 EHF European Men’s Handball Championship was the twelfth edition and was held for the first time in Poland from 15–31 January 2016. Croatia and Norway were the other applicants in the bidding process.

Where can I find list of Handball World Championships?

Handball World Tournaments index Men World Championships index Women World Championships index World Teams_Women index World index_Men_B World index_Women_B World index_Women_C World index_Men_C World index_Men1 World Teams_Men index World index_Men_Junior World index_Women_Junior Men Challenge Trophy European index

When did Poland win the European Handball Championship?

Poland was awarded the championship on the EHF Congress in Monaco on 23 June 2012 with 58% votes. Germany won their second title by beating Spain 24–17 in the final. Croatia captured the bronze medal after defeating Norway 31–24.