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Is Lawn Boy A good mower?

Is Lawn Boy A good mower?

Various users were pleased that the Lawn Boy 17732 is easy to start and starts on the first pull. The mower isn’t too heavy for a gas-powered mower and is easy to maneuver. Numerous owners liked that the mower mulched and cut very well. One buyer mentioned that the mower was economical on gas.

Can you damage a self-propelled lawn mower?

Yes, a self-propelled lawnmower can be pushed. It will not damage its transmissions anyway. If its drive clutch is engaged, your lawnmower will move forward when you shift the lever. You must use its shift lever to select its forward speed at which you can control the self-propelled speed with its drive clutch lever.

What engine does Lawnboy use?

D-400 engine

D-400 series engine
Manufacturer Outboard Marine Corporation (OMC) Lawn-Boy
Also called Iron Horse
Production 1954–1977

Is this still Lawn Boy origin?

Yes, in “Lawn Boy”. Yea, it was pretty epic. The jam spawned the phrase “Is this still lawn boy?” that made it’s way onto a t-shirt that Trey wore later in the Baker’s Dozen run. Thanks to LazyLightning for the awesome 4k footage and the awesome summer-time memory!

Is the Lawn Boy lawn mower a good product?

Lawn-Boy has been around… forever – since 1934 to be exact. So to say they know how to build lawn equipment would be I guess – an understatement. Lawn boy reviews are mostly positive, with the only negative criticism being the “break-in” period. A few reviewers noted the height adjustment popping out of it’s locked position.

What’s the weight of a self propelled lawn mower?

The Lawn-Boy mower lands at about 66 lbs. of weight, making it a medium-weight self-propelled mower. It is literally a beast as it climbs over practically any hilly or uneven lawn. This high-end mower offers 3-in-1 Bag, Mulch, and Side discharge grass clipping options.

How to start a self propelled lawn mower?

Here are the steps required to use a self-propelled mower: Engage the “Choke” lever; Compress and hold “Safety Lever” on Mower Handle; Pull starter cord (or turnkey if electric start) Disengage “Safety Lever” to engage self-propelled mower wheels; To Turn the mower with Front Wheels engaged, Tilt the mower up and turn direction

Which is the best lawn mower for a small yard?

The Lawn-Boy 17734 mower is ideal for smaller yards that are flat or hilly, though its engine overall is just not big enough for larger yards. The rear-wheel drive and the electric start option are two of its best features.