Is listening to ATC illegal?

Is listening to ATC illegal?

By far the main thing anyone listening to ATC cannot do is TALK! Unless you are flying an aircraft or working at the airport you are not allowed to talk on a VHF airband radio frequency. In some countries like Canada and the UK you also need a Radio Operator Certificate to legally talk on the radio.

What are typical ATC ground control frequencies?

All FAA facilities monitor the emergency frequency, 121.5 MHz. Typical unicom frequencies are 122.7, 122.72, 122.8, 122.97, 123.0. 123.05, and 123.07 MHz. At controlled airports, ground frequencies are likely 121.3, 121.5, 121.7, and 121.9.

How do I find air traffic frequencies?

Find live frequencies. Obtain a radio scanner that is capable of receiving frequencies between 118.0 and 136.975 MHz. Good brands to check out include Uniden, and Whistler. You can also find general coverage receivers from Icom, Yaesu, Grundig, Kenwood and others that will pick up air frequencies.

What is the Best ATC?

If you want to find out what the best ATC device is, I recommend the Petzl Reverso.

  1. Black Diamond Big Air XP Package.
  2. PETZL Reverso Climbing Belay Device.
  3. Mammut Crag Light Belay Device.
  4. EDELRID Mega Jul Belay Device.
  5. CAMP Shell Belay Device.
  6. KAILAS Combination Kit.
  7. DMM Pivot Belay Device.
  8. PETZL Grigri Belay Device.

Why can’t UK listen to ATC?

Pascoe said the UK prohibits listening to ATC, let alone rebroadcasting it. “They hide behind old laws that have no real applicability in a modern information society,” he said. This is unfortunate, given that Heathrow connects the airlines of the world more so than any other.

Can you listen to military ATC?

Anyone can use an aviation scanner to hear what’s going on in their area. Public airwaves in the US are free to listen to.

What frequencies do pilots use?

In the United States, VHF civil aircraft communications are placed in the 100 MHz band and allocated 760 channels within the range from 118.0-136.975 MHz. As a pilot, every frequency you talk on will fall within this range.

Which frequency is used in aircraft?

Spectrum Engineering & Policy – Radio Frequency Bands Supporting Aviation

Frequency Band Name
118 – 137 MHz VHF Air / Ground Communications
138 – 150.8 & 162 – 174 MHz Fixed, Mobil
225 – 328.6 & 335.4 – 400 MHz UHF Air / Ground Communications (U.S. Military)
328.6 – 335.4 MHz ILS Glide Slope

How can I listen to live ATC?

If you’ve got nothing better to do on one night, visit, where anyone with a computer or smartphone and a passing interest in aviation can listen to control towers live, worldwide, and in full action. Student pilots use it to listen to their local airport to get accustomed to the myriad radio calls required.

What does ATC belay stand for?

air traffic controller
The term “ATC” stands for “air traffic controller,” which was originally the name of one of Black Diamond Equipment’s belay devices, and has now been the standard term for all the brand’s devices with the same design.

Is it illegal to listen to UK ATC?

Although it is not illegal to sell, buy or own a scanning or other receiver in the UK, it must only be used to listen to transmissions meant for GENERAL RECEPTION. It is an offence to listen to any other radio services unless you are authorised by a designated person to do so.