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Is Madurai Kamaraj University degree valid?

Is Madurai Kamaraj University degree valid?

MKU Distance Education Degrees are recognized by UGC-DEB, New Delhi and eligible for Employment in Central & State Governments. Madurai Kamaraj University is a Statutory University, established in 1965 by Govt. of Tamilnadu. It is recognized and funded by UGC and is a member of Association of Indian Universities.

Is Kamaraj University good?

The National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) ranked Madurai Kamaraj University 84th overall in India and 60th among universities in 2020.

How do I get my transcripts from MKU?

What is the process of getting a transcript?

  1. Have your application form, original certificates/documents ready for verification.
  2. Get your application assessed by the office of Controller of Examination(COE)

How can I get degree certificate in Madurai Kamaraj University?

b) Candidates qualified for oriental title / Certificate / Diploma / P.G. Diploma courses may apply for the convocation; Candidate should enclose Xerox copies of the mark statement, provisional certificate and UG degree certificate along with the application. 6. Candidates should not apply for two degrees at a time.

Is Madurai Kamaraj University fake?

The syndicate of the Madurai Kamaraj University, which met on Monday, decided to take the action based on the submissions of the committee. It has been found that nearly 500 students were issued fake certificates. The case is also being investigated by the directorate of vigilance and anti-corruption.

What does Mku mean?


Acronym Definition
MKU Malika Kambe Umfazi Sorority, Inc
MKU Mount Kenya University (Kenya)
MKU Mary Kathleen Uranium Ltd
MKU Memory Kernel Unit

Is Madurai Kamaraj distance education approved by Wes?

Yes it works……MKU.. WES evaluates your 1 Year PG Diploma from MKU DDE. The equivalency will be 1 year canadian degree.

How can I verify my Madurai Kamaraj University certificate?

The workflow in the E-Sanad portal (a) Register in and obtain login ID from E-Sanad portal (b) Pay for Attestation/ Apostille processing fee and verification fee online. (c) Upload the verification, supporting documents, and payment receipts directly to the E-Sanad portal.

Which college is best regular or open?

A regular degree is better than the open or distance one, and valuable. The regular degree makes students understand the course better because the lectures will be on a daily basis and in the classroom, questions will also be resolved regularly.