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Is nvidia bad for Linux?

Is nvidia bad for Linux?

Nvidia still offers the worst open-source support, compared to Intel and AMD. Intel’s Linux graphics drivers are completely open-source, which is great—but Intel’s integrated graphics still can’t compete with dedicated Nvidia or AMD hardware for serious gaming performance. There’s also the open-source Nouveau driver.

Where is nvidia bug report sh?

Your script should be in the /usr/bin/

How do I open nvidia bug report?

To submit Linux bug reports please email (In English only) [email protected] and please attach an nvidia-bug-report. log, which is generated by running “”. To run the command you must be su or root. This will create a file called nvidia-bug-report.

How do I report a nvidia bug?

How to Submit a Bug Report

  1. Enter the following commands on the target: $ export DISPLAY=:0. $ xhost +si:localuser:root.
  2. Prepare a description of the bug and the procedure for reproducing it, if applicable.
  3. Submit the completed bug report through the NVIDIA support forums at… Attach the script’s . log file to your post.

Is AMD better than Nvidia for Linux?

As far as drivers are concerned on Linux, Nvidia remains an excellent choice (while fully proprietary) and their hardware is still ahead in the mid-high range, at least until very recently. AMD is now very close to matching Nvidia also in the higher end, and at better price points.

Is AMD better on Linux?

In other words, AMD fans are likely to go all-in with AMD on their systems. Going forward, then, it’s possible that AMD might steal even more of Intel and Nvidia’s Linux market share, as it both continues to improve its technology overall as well as support its unique features beyond just Windows.

How do I get Nvidia logs?

Make sure you have selected your NVIDIA GPU from the drop down selection box if your PC has more than one GPU (for example a hybrid graphics notebook). 5) Click on the Sensors tab. You should see a check box labeled “Log to file”. Launch the game or applicatoin which is showing performance issues.

Why is AMD better on Linux?

There are more and more reasons nowadays to prefer AMD on Linux, with a more open graphic stack (using Mesa), proper Wayland support, and better VR support (async reprojection). Only AMD makes it possible to play Cyberpunk 2077 properly so far, so this has to count for something as well.

Is AMD better with Linux?

Are Nvidia drivers for Linux good?

While there are open source and proprietary Nvidia drivers for Linux, the best performance comes from proprietary drivers. Proprietary Nvidia drivers are far faster than nouveau, especially with newer graphics cards. Another drawback is that nouveau lacks something that the proprietary driver has: reclocking.

How do I check my graphics card log?

How do I debug my GPU?

To debug GPU code, use one of these two steps:

  1. In the Debug Type list on the Standard toolbar, choose GPU Only.
  2. In Solution Explorer, on the shortcut menu for the project, choose Properties. In the Property Pages dialog box, select Debugging, and then select GPU Only in the Debugger Type list.