Is PhoneShop on 4od?

Is PhoneShop on 4od?

PhoneShop – On Demand – All 4.

What channel is PhoneShop on?

Channel 4

How many PhoneShop series are there?


No. of series 3
No. of episodes 18 (list of episodes)
Producer Phil Bowker

Will there be another series of PhoneShop?

Sitcom PhoneShop has been handed a third series, it has been revealed. Starring Tom Bennett and Martin Trenaman, the TalkbackThames comedy is expected to return to E4 later this year. The show follows the trials and tribulations of graduate Christopher (Bennett) while working at a mobile phone store.

Does Netflix have PhoneShop?

Netflix UK: PhoneShop is available on Netflix for streaming.

Who writes PhoneShop?

PhoneShop was created, written and produced by Phil Bowker, the head of comedy at the independent production company Talkback Thames.

How old is Emma Fryer?

The 33-year-old actor – one of the stars of the funny, fast and yet oddly unheralded E4 sitcom Phoneshop, now in its third series – checks on the progress of this photograph from time to time. “Nobody wants it,” she says.

Did Ricky Gervais write PhoneShop?

PhoneShop, which has been script-edited by Gervais, will air for the first time this evening on Channel 4 as part of the broadcaster’s experimental Comedy Showcase strand. PhoneShop was created, written and produced by Phil Bowker, the head of comedy at the independent production company Talkback Thames.

Is Emma Fryer a man?

Emma Fryer is a British stand-up comedian, actress and writer from Coventry, best known for playing Tania in BBC Three’s Ideal, Janine in E4’s PhoneShop and Gaynor in BBC Two’s Home Time, which she co-wrote with Neil Edmond.

Who are the staff of the PhoneShop all 4?

Can Ashley, Jerwayne and Janine teach new boy Christopher how to ensure that every mug punter within five square miles gets locked down to the most expensive mobile phone contract known to mankind? With Little Gary Patel back in jail, the PhoneShop staff’s position as ‘Kings of the High Street’ may be in jeopardy.

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When did PhoneShop first air on Channel 4?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. PhoneShop is a British sitcom that was first broadcast on Channel 4 as a television pilot on 13 November 2009, as part of the channel’s Comedy Showcase season of comedy pilots.

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