Is Q fever common in India?

Is Q fever common in India?

In India, the first confirmed human case of Q fever was reported in 1954 (Kalra, 1954). Subsequently, there have been only a few reports of human Q fever in the country (Stephen et al., 1980; Vaidya et al., 2008).

Why is Coxiella called Q fever?

…an infectious disease caused by bacteria called Coxiella burnetii that affects both humans and animals. The “Q” comes from “query” fever, the name of the disease until its true cause was discovered in the 1930s. Q fever can be a mild illness or a more severe disease that can cause death.

How do most humans acquire Q fever?

People usually get infected by breathing in the Q fever bacteria that is in the air or dust.

Can Q fever be cured?

Mild or nonsymptomatic cases of acute Q fever often get better with no treatment. However, if you have symptoms of Q fever or if you’re pregnant, antibiotic treatment is recommended. Your treatment plan may vary if you’re unable to take doxycycline.

Is Q fever curable?

Q fever is a rare disease spread through contact with livestock and other farm animals. It can cause flu-like symptoms but is treatable with antibiotics.

How is Q fever diagnosed?

The reference standard test for the serologic diagnosis of acute Q fever is the indirect immunofluorescence antibody (IFA) using C. burnetii antigen, performed on paired serum samples to demonstrate a significant (fourfold or more) rise in antibody titers.

Can Q fever spread from person to person?

Is Q fever contagious? Q fever only rarely spreads from person to person through sexual contact or blood transfusions, or from a pregnant woman to her fetus.

Can you recover from Q fever?

Most people who are sick with Q fever will recover without antibiotic treatment. However, for people who develop Q fever disease, treatment with 2 weeks of doxycycline antibiotic is recommended.

How many people died from Q fever?

How likely is someone to die from Q fever? Only about 50 percent of all people infected with the bacteria show signs of illness. In general, most patients will recover to good health within several months without any treatment. Only 1 percent to 2 percent of people with Q fever die of the disease.