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Is Tamil and Malayalam script same?

Is Tamil and Malayalam script same?

Malayalam was first written in the Vatteluttu alphabet, an ancient script of Tamil. However, the modern Malayalam script evolved from the Grantha alphabet, which was originally used to write Sanskrit. Both Vatteluttu and Grantha evolved from the Tamil-Brahmi, but independently.

Is Malayalam derived from Tamil?

Malayalam evolved either from a western dialect of Tamil or from the branch of Proto-Dravidian from which modern Tamil also evolved. The earliest record of the language is an inscription dated to approximately 830 ce. An early and extensive influx of Sanskrit words influenced the Malayalam script.

Is Malayalam old Tamil?

While Malayalam inherits the alveolar stop from Old Tamil, Old Tamil itself inherited it from Proto Dravidian, the ancestor of all Dravidian languages, said to have been spoken as early as circa 2500 BCE.

Is Tamil Telugu and Malayalam similar?

Malayalam. Unlike Tamil, and to a greater degree than Kannada and Telugu, Malayalam has liberally borrowed from Sanskrit not only words but even various forms of inflection. Malayalam does not have diglossia of the Tamil kind.

Can Tamils understand Malayalam?

A Tamilian will not understand Malayalam though these two languages are similar. There are plenty of words which are unique likechettan,chechi,manasilaayo,chodyam etc. There are words which are common but have different meaning . The fact that Malayalam is spoken quickly also makes it difficult to understand.

Which language is closest to Malayalam?

Malayalam (മലയാളം), should not to be confused with Malay, a language spoken in Malaysia. It belongs to the Southern branch of the Dravidian language family. Although closely related to Tamil, Malayalam is more influenced by Sanskrit than Tamil.

Is Malayalam the hardest language in the world?

Malayalam, a Dravidian language of India, was recently rated the hardest language of all to learn by the World Language Research Foundation.

Is Marathi older than Tamil?

Marathi is derived from early forms of Prakrit . Tamil, as a Dravidian language, descends from Proto-Dravidian, a proto-language. Linguistic reconstruction suggests that Proto-Dravidian was spoken around the third millennium BC.