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Is the Henry 45-70 A good rifle?

Is the Henry 45-70 A good rifle?

The Henry 45-70 lever action is a handful but carries good balance and it’s a nice swing when shooting at moving targets or getting a quick second round into a wounded animal. The receiver on this gun is polished brass on dark steel. Both rifles are much alike save for the materials used to build the receivers.

How accurate is a Henry 45-70?

Accuracy: 3/5 More likely down to my skill level…but it’s showing around 4 MOA at 100 yards. Nothing against the trigger either…it’s great.

What is the range of a Henry 45-70?

While the effective range of the . 45-70 on individual targets was limited to about 1,000 yards (915 m) with either load, the heavier bullet produced lethal injuries at 3,500 yards (3,200 m).

How much does a 45-70 Henry rifle cost?

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PRICE $859.99
Barrel Length 22in
Lop 14.0in
Finish Brass
Stock American Walnut

Are Henry rifles worth the money?

An original Henry rifle can be worth a lot. However, for a newly manufactured rifle, they do hold their value very well in the market. Many people collect Henry Repeating Arms rifles, and most owners tend to hold on to them as they are rarely found on the used market.

Is a 45-70 overkill for deer?

A 45/70 makes a fine deer round, for timber, or anywhere that the shots are not over 150 to 200yds. It is not really over kill, with standard loads, however the recoil is usually more then one would experience with rounds simular to the 243 win, or even the . 308 Win.

How good are Henry lever action rifles?

Despite a design going back more than 150 years, the accuracy of today’s New Original Henry is as good as, and sometimes better than, some more-modern lever-action rifles. It may also be the most fun to shoot.

What is the largest caliber Henry rifle?

The Henry® . 45-70 is a hard-hitting, fast handling lever-action rifle, with enough knock down power for hunting the largest species of big game in North America.

What caliber is 4570?

45-70 (originally known as the . 45-70-405) fired a 405 grain, . 45 caliber bullet propelled by 70 grains of black powder. This original black powder load pushed a cast lead bullet at a velocity of about 1,350 feet per second.