Is the Lenel lnl-2210 a single door controller?

Is the Lenel lnl-2210 a single door controller?

The LNL-2210 Intelligent Single Door Controller (ISDC) by Lenel is an edge device that provides a solution for interfacing one or two readers to a single door within an OnGuard® system.

What are the different types of Lenel OnGuard controllers?

Lenel has two series of controller offerings for the OnGuard® Platform. Each series has unique capabilities, but consists of similar components: one or more Intelligent System Controllers as well as specific Reader Interface Modules, Input Modules, and Output Modules.

Do you need power supply for Lenel controller?

Enclosures and Power Supplies are required for any solution to be deployed in the field. Lenel® enclosures include necessary board mounting hardware for our controllers and modules. Similarly, the power supplies are appropriate to power Lenel Hardware.

What kind of security does Lenel security offer?

Through our OpenAccess Alliance Program (OAAP), Lenel fully supports Open Architecture to provide flexible, effective security to address each application’s needs. Integrated and stand-alone video management options offer reliable, cost-effective surveillance solutions with streamlined migration to advanced technologies.

How to connect and initially configure an lnl-2220?

1) Configure the computer IP address in the range of to, except for as this address is the default IP address of the LNL-2220. 2) Connect the LNL-2220 to the computer using a crossover cable or hub.

How to turn off DIP switch on lnl-2220?

2) Connect the LNL-2220 to the computer using a crossover cable or hub. 3) Turn DIP switch 1 OFF, 2 ON, 3 OFF, and 4 OFF. 4) Cycle power to the LNL-2220. 5) Wait approximately 30 seconds for the panel to reboot.

How does the Lenel LNL access control system work?

The LNL revolutionises access control system architecture by allowing Ethernet connection directly from an entry location to the server. It provides the security, functionality, and modularity of Lenel’s proven hardware platform, by combining an IP-enabled intelligent system controller with a full-featured, two-door reader interface module.