Is the name Kiana Hawaiian?

Is the name Kiana Hawaiian?

The name of Kiana has several meanings that come from all over the world, to have settled on a boat in the Whitsundays. Kiana is said to be a predominately a girl’s name, of either Irish, Persian or Hawaiian origin.

What are some unique Hawaiian names?

Hawaiian Baby Names

  • Leilani.
  • Alaina.
  • Alani.
  • Malia.
  • Kailani.
  • Kalani.
  • Keanu.
  • Ailani.

What name means love in Hawaiian?

Aloha (ah-LO-hah), the one word that evokes Hawaii above all others, is a unisex name meaning “loving or kindhearted.”

What does Nala mean in Hawaiian?

Calm skies
Origin: Hawaiian. Meaning: Calm skies. Alternative Spellings & Variations: Nala, Lani.

What does O Kalani mean in Hawaiian?

Gender: Female. Origin: Hawaiian. Meaning: Of The Heavens, From Heaven.

Is Kiana a pretty name?

The Hawaiians began as a pagan civilization so all the more reason to embrace this lovely moniker. Kiana is not a common name in the United States from a national perspective, but it’s currently the 45th most popular girl’s name in the Aloha State!

What does Hei Hei mean in Hawaiian?

Let’s start with the name, Heihei (pronounced Hey Hey). If you don’t know, one of “Moana’s” larger definitions means ‘ocean, or wide expanse of water’ in Maori and Hawaiian. “Heihei” (sometimes Hei Hei) in the same language, means ‘disturbance’ or an ‘interruption from the norm.

What does Kalani mean?

k(a)-la-ni. Origin:Hawaiian. Popularity:760. Meaning:the heavens, sky, or royal one.

What is the meaning of the Hawaiian name Malu?

The name Malu is of Hawaiian origin. The meaning of Malu is “peacefulness”. Malu is generally used as a girl’s name. It consists of 4 letters and 2 syllables and is pronounced Ma-lu.

What are the most popular names in Hawaii?

Hawaiian names that are uniquely popular in Hawaii itself include Kalea, Makena, and Mahina for girls, and Kaimana and Nakoa for boys. Hawaiian names are known for their rhythmicity, significant meanings, and evocative beauty. If you’re looking for a Hawaiian name for your baby, consider these choices for both girls and boys.

How did David Byrne come up with the name Malu?

Malu is a charming Hawaiian name chosen by ex-Talking Head David Byrne for his daughter. Malu might also be an abbreviated form of Malou, which is an abbreviated form of Mary Louise.

What does the Hawaiian name Akamu stand for?

AKAMU: Hawaiian form of Hebrew Adam, meaning “earth” or “red.”. AKONI: Short form of Hawaiian Anakoni, possibly meaning “invaluable.”. ANAKONI: Hawaiian form of English Anthony, possibly meaning “invaluable.”. BANE: Hawaiian name meaning “long-awaited child.”.